Piepacker Inc.

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Credited on 89 Games from 2021 to 2022

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Dragon Drop (2022 on Macintosh, Browser, Windows...)
Ruins of Mitriom (2022 on Browser, Macintosh, Linux...)
Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Bomber (2021 on Browser)
Super Paw-N (2021 on Browser)
Spacegulls (2021 on NES, Browser)
Doodle World (2021 on Browser, NES)
Böbl (2020 on Browser, NES)
Flea! (2020 on Windows, Dreamcast, NES...)
Kubo 3 (2020 on Browser, NES)
Romeow and Julicat (2020 on Browser, Genesis)
Yazzie (2019 on MSX, Genesis, Browser...)
Devwill Too (2019 on Genesis, Browser)
Xeno Crisis (2019 on Windows, Genesis, PlayStation 4...)
Blazing Chrome (2019 on Windows, Browser, Windows Apps...)
Misplaced (2019 on Browser, Genesis)
Micro Mages (2019 on NES, Browser, Windows)
Nebs 'n Debs (2019 on NES, Browser)
Gluf (2019 on Genesis, Browser, ZX Spectrum)
Old Tower (2018 on Commodore 64, Genesis, Browser...)
King of the Hat (2018 on Windows, PlayStation 4, Macintosh...)

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