Magnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.

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  • Mr Chip Software (from 1982-02 to 1988)

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Best known for racing games, Magnetic Fields was founded as Mr. Chip Software in 1982. Later the company employed her most famous developers, Shaun Southern and Andrew Morris, initially working on the Commodore 64. The company became Magnetic Fields in 1988, and created the seminal Lotus and Super Cars lineages for Gremlin. Their last release was Mobil 1 Rally Championship in 1999.

Several developers ended up at Team 3 Games established in 2005.

Credited on 53 Games from 1983 to 1999

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Mobil 1 Rally Championship (1999 on Windows, PlayStation)
International Rally Championship (1997 on Windows, PlayStation)
Rallye Racing 97 (includes X-Tra Strecken) (1997 on DOS)
Supercars International (1996 on DOS)
Rally Championship: International Off-Road Racing (1996 on DOS)
Crystal Dragon (1994 on Amiga)
Kid Chaos (1994 on Amiga, Amiga CD32)
Lotus Trilogy (1994 on Amiga, Atari ST, Amiga CD32)
Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge (1992 on DOS, Genesis, Amiga...)
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (1991 on Genesis, Amiga, Atari ST...)
Super Cars II (1991 on Amiga, Atari ST, Antstream)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990 on Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64...)
Super Cars (1990 on Amiga, NES, Atari ST...)
Super Scramble Simulator (1989 on Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64...)
Arthur Noid (1988 on Commodore 16, Plus/4)
Dingbat (1988 on Commodore 16, Plus/4)
Humm-Dinger (1988 on Commodore 64, Antstream)
Triple Decker 8 (1988 on Commodore 64)
Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer II (1987 on Commodore 64, Antstream)
Kikstart 2 (1987 on Amiga, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum...)

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History +


Changed name and status to Magnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd. with their move up to 16 bit software for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST.


Ceased publishing games and began developing eight bit titles for Mastertronic and then later for Alternative Software and Gremlin Graphics.

February 1982

Company established as Mr Chip Software. Developed and published games and utilities for the Commodore VIC 20 and C64.

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Magnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.'s website was at


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