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Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition(2017)
Citizen X(2002)
Quarterback Attack(1995)
Kids on Site(1994)
Supreme Warrior(1994)
Corpse Killer(1994)
Slam City with Scottie Pippen(1994)
Ground Zero Texas(1993)
Double Switch(1993)
Prize Fighter(1993)
Power Factory featuring C+C Music Factory(1992)
Make My Video: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch(1992)
Make My Video: Kris Kross(1992)
Make My Video: INXS(1992)
Sewer Shark(1992)
Night Trap(1992)


Many of Digital Pictures' Sega CD titles had a "bonus" redbook audio track. If you put the CD into a standard audio CD player and selected Track 2, you would get the following recording:

*phone rings* "Good Afternoon, Digital Pictures" (zombie-like chanting of "enin rebmun" repeated three times)

Reversing the chanting reveals it to be the words "number nine" reversed - presumably a reference to the Beatles' experimental song "Revolution 9" on the White Album. It likely has further meaning to former employees as a Digital Pictures "in-joke."

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