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Digital Pictures, Inc.


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Double Switch: 25th Anniversary Edition(2018)
Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition(2017)
Citizen X(2002)
Quarterback Attack(1995)
Kids on Site(1994)
Corpse Killer(1994)
Slam City with Scottie Pippen(1994)
Supreme Warrior(1994)
Ground Zero Texas(1993)
Prize Fighter(1993)
Double Switch(1993)
Night Trap(1992)
Power Factory featuring C+C Music Factory(1992)
Make My Video: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch(1992)
Make My Video: Kris Kross(1992)
Make My Video: INXS(1992)
Sewer Shark(1992)


Many of Digital Pictures' Sega CD titles had a "bonus" redbook audio track. If you put the CD into a standard audio CD player and selected Track 2, you would get the following recording:

*phone rings* "Good Afternoon, Digital Pictures" (zombie-like chanting of "enin rebmun" repeated three times)

Reversing the chanting reveals it to be the words "number nine" reversed - presumably a reference to the Beatles' experimental song "Revolution 9" on the White Album. It likely has further meaning to former employees as a Digital Pictures "in-joke."

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