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Bryant Freitag

Game Credits


DomiNations (2015)   (Engineering Directors)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (2012)   (Lead Programmer)
Catan (2007)   (Programming)
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (2006)   (Architecture and Licensing Lead)
Rise of Nations: Gold Edition (2004)   (Programmers)
Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots (2004)   (Programmers)
Rise of Nations (2003)   (Programming)

Developer Biography

Bryant Freitag began life working on multifaceted genetic algorithms, helping to transform him from two simple gametes to a complex zygote in no time. This was mostly involuntary, so we move forward in time.

Bryant’s first experience with computers came at age 8, when he was given his very own computer: an Atari 400 with a membrane keyboard (ouch) and 4k of RAM. He began programming in BASIC and Pilot for fun, though the enjoyment quickly wore thin with no storage media. It was around this time he realized an obsessive love for video games provided an adequate substitution for a social life and reduced the risk of wedgies and stolen lunch money. His love of games, along with his concept that programming was ‘neat’ brought him to the exciting world of games programming.

When his brush with Hollywood was over (he worked for a budget movie theatre), and being a dirt-poor college student just wasn’t fun anymore, Bryant took a job with the Developer Relations Division at Intel Corporation. There he worked for over 3 years with publishers and game studios to enhance and optimize their titles for Intel’s latest technology, as well as research anything about 3D graphics that he could get his hands on. While at Intel, Bryant contributed to such titles as Sacrifice and Giants: Citizen Kabuto as well as co-authoring a paper on real-time shadow casting (in computer software that is, it’s pretty easy for most of us to just do this on our own), and researching concepts such as seamless distributed compilation environments and 3D graphics engines.

Ready for the challenge and excitement of game development, Bryant moved on to Big Huge Games. The rest is, as they say, a chronological record of significant events (as affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes.

When not programming, Bryant is known for spontaneous bursts of energy on whatever tangent his obsessive-compulsive brain has latched onto.

[Source: Big Huge Games Web Site]

Last updated: Jan 30, 2004