aka: Battletech: Ubawareta Seihai
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[ DOS ] [ PC-98 ] [ Sharp X68000 add ]

DOS credits (1989)

31 people (30 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 34 credits.

Design Paul Bowman, Terry Ishida, John A. S. Skeel, Damon Slye
Programming Paul Bowman, Peter Fokos
Level / Scenario Design Paul Bowman, Mark Brenneman
Graphics / Artwork Chuck Austen, Kobi Miller, Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Steve Snyder, Ron Winnick
3D Modelling Cyrus Kanga
Music and Sound Effects Michael Latham, Russell Lieblich, Bryce Morcello
Production Kelly Flock
Producer Steven Ackrich, John A. S. Skeel
Playtesting by Tom Bellamy, Stewart Perkins, Larry Weissenborn, John Van
"Affidavit of Gideon Braver" and Mercenary's Handbook by Steve Peterson
Design and production by Leslie Roth
Production Management by Sally Locke, Nancy Waisanen
Editorial Management by Steven Young
Special Thanks To Terry Ishida
Package Design by Robert Schonfisch
Models by Steve Sanders
Photography by Larry Keenan
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