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Yendorian Tales: Book I - Chapter 2

aka: Yendor 2


Following the events from the first Yendorian Tales game, the Orb of Zamora has been returned but almost instantly a new threat rises up. The mist surrounding the lost islands of Yendor has vanished and a group of powerful wizards have invaded a mine in mountains rumored to have magical properties. Some new scheme is afoot! And it's up to your brave band of adventurers to defeat monsters and villains before things get out of hand.

Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2 is a fantasy role-playing game in which the player either controls a party of four pre-made characters, or creates his/her own adventurers. There are nine character classes, sub-divided into three categories: non-magic, cleric, and wizard. Characters also have individual skills, ranging from combat abilities (such as slashing, bashing, etc.) to talents that can be employed during interaction with NPCs (such as bartering, linguistics, etc.). Unlike its predecessor, the game features a pseudo-3D world viewed from first-person perspective. Combat system has also been re-vamped, the battles now proceeding in real time, taking place on the exploration screen, similarly to Eye of the Beholder games.

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