Mortyr: 2093-1944

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An awful FPS!

The Good
It was cheap.

The Bad
I hate to trash any game but this is awful!

The graphics for the time were awful. At the time it was released we'd already had game like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Serious Sam, Quake II etc etc... what were the developers thinking??? I know it was a budget game but there's budget and there's just don't bother releasing it to the world budget. Now which one do you think this is?

The levels were very dull with nothing out of the ordinary going on in them. It was just one level after the other, all the levels have little variety and are very forgettable!

The AI was so bad it was laughable. The AI of course would respond to sight and sounds but by running backwards and forwards. Hmmmm

The sound was below standard and the music when you first hear it makes you scream hysterically and scramble to the sound options in an attempt to stop it from hurting your ears.

This game has one of the biggest bugs i've ever seen in a game and i've seen quite a few in my 20 year gaming life. The game would slow down to an absolute crawl for no reason and the developer even admitted to it but did nothing to fix it. There was also problems with the copyright protection as well. LOL LOL LOL...copyright protection on this game....what was the point. Anyway it wouldn't install if you were using a DVD drive or a CD drive that wasn't the first CD drive.

Avoid this game like the plague!

The Bottom Line
This game belongs in the just don't bother releasing it to the world budget category.

Awful graphics, awful sound, awful music, slow down bug, copyright protection bug and simply way out of date.

Windows · by adam payne (9) · 2006

It tries to recreate the Wolfstein experience, and does so very welll, except for 1 thing, wolfenstein was fun.

The Good
It brought back lots of wolfenstein nostalgia. The 1944 levels were decent. the tank crashing thropugh the wall was memorable

The Bad
The AI is atrocious. The sound effects and music are awful, they sound muffled. The future levels made my eyes hurt, way too much neon.

The Bottom Line
Wolfenstein3D with new graphics.

Windows · by jeremy strope (159) · 2000

It's wolfenstein... with out all the thing that made it good.

The Good
that's a real hard one. you have lots of weapons, feels a little like wolfenstein. and that's all i can think off.

The Bad
almost anything about it! the game is hard to control. Gameplay sucks. AI was better in PONG. the latter\ending levels are horrible!!!

The Bottom Line
I can't belive I finished it... don't play this garbage! 2/10

Windows · by BlackNightmare (259) · 2004

Wolfeinstein 3D Has Nothing To Worry About...

The Good
Graphics aren't all that bad, unique story and weapons, great atmosphere.

The Bad
The game gets boring after a while, the levels get repetative. Some of the weapons and their graphics suck. The sound is horrible. Multiplayer is hell. The AI is some of the worst I've seen.

The Bottom Line
Wolfeinstein 3D has nothing to worry about because this excuse for a game is just plain bad, including with some of it's high points.

Overall Rating: 45%

Windows · by [BR]Gladiator (11) · 2000

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