Mortyr: 2093-1944

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In an alternate version of the 21st century, the Germans have taken over the world after winning World War II. The player is a scientist in the future and, with the help of a time machine, they travel back to the war to alter the outcome and find out how the Nazis managed to win it in the first place.

In this first-person shooter, the player encounters Hitler's SS troops and Wehrmacht infantry equipped with pistols, machine guns, bazookas, and more eccentric weapons in locations such as castles and ruined cities. Using the time machine, players also travel back to see the impact of their actions, such as with modern scenery and weapons. Vehicles, planes, and submarines are active game elements in a 3D world powered by Calaris' IC engine.

The game has lots of explicit violence and includes Nazi symbols, and German voice acting.


  • Мортир - Russian spelling

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Producer (Mirage)
Project Manager (Mirage)
Lead Programmer (Mirage)
Coordination (Mirage)
Level Design (Mirage)
3D Graphics/Animation (Mirage)
Architecture/2D Graphics (Mirage)
Sound FX/Weapons (Mirage)
Music (Mirage)
Executive Producer (Interplay)
Producer (Interplay)
Line Producer (Interplay)
Director of QA (Interplay)
QA Manager (Interplay)
QA Project Supervisor (Interplay)
Senior Tester (Interplay)
Testers (Interplay)
QA Compatibility Manager (Interplay)
Compatibility Technicians (Interplay)
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Average score: 57% (based on 22 ratings)


Average score: 2.6 out of 5 (based on 25 ratings with 4 reviews)

Wolfeinstein 3D Has Nothing To Worry About...

The Good
Graphics aren't all that bad, unique story and weapons, great atmosphere.

The Bad
The game gets boring after a while, the levels get repetative. Some of the weapons and their graphics suck. The sound is horrible. Multiplayer is hell. The AI is some of the worst I've seen.

The Bottom Line
Wolfeinstein 3D has nothing to worry about because this excuse for a game is just plain bad, including with some of it's high points.

Overall Rating: 45%

Windows · by [BR]Gladiator (11) · 2000

It tries to recreate the Wolfstein experience, and does so very welll, except for 1 thing, wolfenstein was fun.

The Good
It brought back lots of wolfenstein nostalgia. The 1944 levels were decent. the tank crashing thropugh the wall was memorable

The Bad
The AI is atrocious. The sound effects and music are awful, they sound muffled. The future levels made my eyes hurt, way too much neon.

The Bottom Line
Wolfenstein3D with new graphics.

Windows · by jeremy strope (160) · 2000

It's wolfenstein... with out all the thing that made it good.

The Good
that's a real hard one. you have lots of weapons, feels a little like wolfenstein. and that's all i can think off.

The Bad
almost anything about it! the game is hard to control. Gameplay sucks. AI was better in PONG. the latter\ending levels are horrible!!!

The Bottom Line
I can't belive I finished it... don't play this garbage! 2/10

Windows · by BlackNightmare (259) · 2004

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Covermount release

The full version of the game was given on Gamelive PC #20 (July 2002), a Spaniard magazine.


Sebastian Zielinski, credited as the lead programmer, was not officially involved in Mortyr. He is one of the founders of Calaris Studios, whose IC Engine was licensed for the game.

German index

The official demo version is banned in Germany because of Nazi symbols.

German version

All references to Nazis were removed in the German version; the player now fights against a sect named "Chronotec". A detailed list of changes can be found on (German).


A stained glass windows in a 1944 Berlin cathedral bears an image of a woman in a bikini. The same woman in the same pose is also on a poster in a disco in the year 2093. Considering as how all the propaganda posters in 2093 appear to be of the production team, does this mean that the bikini woman is the wife/girlfriend of one of the creators or is this just another aspect of the time travel "story"?


Despite very poor reviews abroad, the game was almost universally acclaimed by Polish press, and ads ran for the game called it "a hit on a global scale!" and "the most important event of the year".

Information also contributed by Foxhack, JudgeDredd, phlux and Sciere


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