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Motorhead is a racing game set in the near future. Despite it's semi-futuristic setting, the cars require realistic handling. There are 10 different cars and 8 different tracks. They are not all available from the start however; the player has to earn them by winning championships in the Transatlantic Speed League.

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Average score: 74% (based on 29 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings with 4 reviews)

A classic racing game, all racing-game fans MUST have played this

The Good
This game is a modern classic. Digital illusions really show off their extreme skills as programmers with this one. (I bought some Digital Illusion shares after playing this title, and man was that the best investment I have ever made :) ). I usually don't like arcade-style racers, but this one is different. The feeling that you are going really really fast is there, and the cars are not glued to the road like in other arcade racers. The tracks and the environment around them are nicely modeled, and the darker night-tracks have a nice feeling to them. You can also "paint" your car in your favorite colors!

The Bad
One bad thing, not only in this game though, is that you don't get to drive all cars and tracks from the start. It's very frustrating to first drive the bad cars, then get to drive the not-so-bad cars etc. Just give us 10 cars that are all competitive from the start! Also there is no view from inside the car! Gamers who wants realism and always use this view, will be disappointed.

The Bottom Line
A high-speed game with nice feeling and graphics. Any racing-gamer will like this one, both arcade and realism fans.

Windows · by Grov (657) · 2001

Best arcade racing - game I've ever played !

The Good
When talking about good things, first of all - the kick-ass graphics including nice scenery and fantastic lighting which creates a characteristic climate. Great advantage is that you don't need to buy fast computer in order to play it, because its minimal PC requirement is 90MHz for Intel CPU, 16 MB Ram memory, graphics card with support for DirectDraw 5.0 capable to show "high color". Now, tell me Doc- isn't it, what an old (but upgraded a bit) 486 could handle ? With C566, Riva TNT2 and 196 MB Ram memory this game runs more than sweet. The game has many graphics effects that I've never seen before, like skid marks left on the track, light effects (like lens flare effect) and motion blur. With this game you'll really feel the speed (much more than in Need For Speed for example). Motion blur effect increases this feeling even more. What makes this game outstanding also is a very, very good electronic music, played back from CD, that fits in with the game's futuristic climate.

The Bad
The bad thing (as for most games) is that you can't have everything from the beginning. You have to put some effort in order to get better cars and new tracks. The game is not very easy so you have to get used to its level, and this takes some time (you might get bored before).

One very bad thing: No NT compatibility - you will not be able to play this game on Win XP

Apart from that - it's really hard to find something really bad to me in this game...

The Bottom Line
A must-play arcade racing game with nice graphics, great music and overall things making it a very good title in a racing - game history.

Windows · by Slawek B (2) · 2004

A great game for PC racing fans to graduate to.

The Good
Motorhead is the nearly-perfect embodiment of beauty, speed, style, and form in a racing game. The handling is fairly true-to-life (or, at least, as true-to-life as racing 20 years in the future would be), with firm suspension and realistic tire grip.

Display: The display engine is not only fast has almost no scenery pop-up whatsoever. If you're lucky enough to own a 3D accelerator, especially one that supports 32-bit color rendering, the distant scenery flows onto the screen smoother than butter.

Music: From a demomusic veteran, the music ranges from light and airy to urgent and insistent. While some music tracks are weak, there are none that are bad.

The Bad
The "easy" difficulty level is too easy. The medium level is hard. The hard level is insane. Unless you're a veteran of PC racing, the game will appear quite difficult to you.

The control of the cars is misleading at first; the setting is futuristic, which implies arcade-like handling and control of your vehicle, but the handling, suspension, etc. are close to "normal" for sports cars. It takes getting used to.

The Bottom Line
If you're good at racing games and want a strong challenge, check this out. And if you don't have a 3D accelerator card, buy a 32-bit color rendering card like the Viper V550 (TNT-based) so you can get the 32-bit color version with the gorgeous rendering.

Windows · by Trixter (8952) · 1999

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How to change the driver view? André Costa Aug 11, 2012


The OEM version of Motorhead bundled with nVidia TNT cards uses 32-bit color rendering to display an absolutely delicious distance model. No matter what the "distance clipping" or "scenery pop-up" setting is, distant scenery eases so smoothly into your field of view that you barely notice it. Take a look at the screenshots submitted by "Trixter" as proof, since they were all taken from a TNT-based card.


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