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Maxit is a strategy game for two players or one player against the computer. In the game, there is an 8x8 board; Each space in the board contains a point value. The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible by moving a marker to a non empty space to collect how ever many points are in that space. The first player is only able to move the marker horizontally, and the second player can only move the marker vertically. The board contains both negative and positive point values, so ideally you want to take a high, positive point value and force your opponent to take a negative value. The game ends when no more moves are possible, and the player with more points wins.

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Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings with 3 reviews)

Enjoyable board game for those spare five minutes

The Good
Decent computer opponent with four skill levels, though with a bit of thought you should beat it on any level. Fun game with another human opponent. Graphics are fairly basic but do an adequate job for what is required. Good instructions which tell you what you need to know to play.

The Bad
The only negative is the lack of sound in the game.

The Bottom Line
This is a good board game, which requires a bit of thought into what tactics you need to succeed, & is different from the usual board games released. It is a port from an early Commodore Pet game released in Cursor magazine, but adds to that, which had one level. I recommend it for those of you with a few minutes spare who like playing some of the early software.

DOS · by zorkman (132) · 2015

Nice board game which just does not age

The Good
This is one of the few games, where there's nothing to object, even graphics is ok even for today. Of course, that's thanks to the fact that it's simple board game and not in example, first person shooter. :) But anyway, technical execution is solid and playing it is fun, even if for few minutes.

The Bad
Only flaw which I see is that I was able to beat computer opponent very early, even on highest difficulty. I just figured out simple algorithm in my head, with only looking one step forward. It was enough to implement same algorithm with 2 steps forward (technically feasible even in those times) and game would be much more challenging.

The Bottom Line
Nice relaxing game which does not age, can be easily played even today.

DOS · by Vladimir Dienes · 2023

A timeless gem with great concept, good mechanics and lots of potential for future adaptations

The Good
Great, fast, responsive text-based design, the UI is straightforward. Easy to learn but there is always place for improvement. The mechanics is well refined, the Computer opponent's strategy and strength is good for the age it was developed in.

The hotseat gaming experience is still top-notch.

The Bad
While the Computer's strategy for the hardest level is well composed, it has its limitations, therefore it is easy to win after a while.

The Bottom Line
You know you've stumbled upon a timeless game when you discover it more than 40 years after its release and it gets yourself immediately hooked. Even the modern adaptations (except for maybe Super Maxit) are not as fun as this version.

If you want to kickstart your day with a quick math based puzzle/strategy game, this is a great choice!

DOS · by Morhguel · 2023


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