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Welcome, Commander Jameson.

The Good
It was truly an entire universe on a single floppy disk. I remember me and my father playing this game for ages, he more than me. It took ages until we could afford a landing computer, relieving us of the dangerous task of docking that could get you killed if you weren't careful. And then some more ages until we could afford the military laser.. and virtually infinite time until we had the rank of "elite".. but it was all fun and so exciting, the special missions inbetween usual trading/hunting, special gadgets like the cloaking device..

The Bad
The promised black ship that killed Jason's father never showed up! Ships that were described in the manual weren't in the game! And I wished so much I could swap my Cobra Mk 3 against one of those hellish fast Asps.. however, all those "glitches" never affected overall gameplay for me that much.

The Bottom Line
You need endurance and patience. Prepare for frustration when you carry a lot of cargo to a dangerous zone, fight lots of pirates, only to crash against the Coriolis station because you didn't pay enough attention to the docking rectangle.. it's hard!! - But it's also fair and rewarding.

Amstrad CPC · by pophase (6) · 2006

Explore the galaxy on one 5 1/4 Floppy.

The Good
Really the ultimate 80s space combat game. Addictive game did not have any plot, instead you'd just fly around roasting pirates and trading goods to different planets while trying to get the cash to upgrade your ship.

Combat was the heart of this game and it was fast and furious. Fights involved many ships and made you do lots of dodging and weaving as you tried to line up your Military Lasers or avoid that missle when your ECM was out. The battle to destroy the Constrictor was a worthy challenge in its day.

In addition to the combat, what really drew me into the game was the trading and upgrading you could do. I hadn't played any game at this time that mixed combat and trading like this. It was really satisfying when you managed to make your run through a pirate infested anarchy world because you knew you would finally have the cash to get that fuel scoop upgrade you've had your eye on.

Also was the large universe to explore, there were 5 galaxies to with maybe a 1000 systems to visit in each, everyone who played this game knows the name Lave. Each galaxy had a special mission which was activated after doing a lot of space jumps. The first one involved tribbles, in the second galaxy you had to hunt down a stolen prototype ship, I never made it to the 3rd mission.

The game really left a lot to your imagination as there was no plot. Instead you had to fill in your own details as you pursued careers as a trader, bounty hunter, pirate or asteroid miner. Unlike in its sequels, careers other than trader were enjoyable although not as profitable. There was plenty of neutral ships for would be pirates to attack and asteroids were easy enough to find a mine.

Modern gamers are used to being able to save anywhere they like and this game you could only save in ports. I actually like that in this game because it made trading runs to dangerous systems that much more tense.

The Bad
Graphics aren't that good on the IBM, but they never were that hot an any system. The Commodore 64 version was essentally black and white wire frame graphics, so at least this one filled in the ships!

You can only fly one type of ship.


The Bottom Line
A classic and influential space combat/trader game. Newer games might have better graphics, sound and game options but NONE, including this games own sequels have had the magic of the orginal.

DOS · by woods01 (129) · 2001

One in a million!

The Good
This game in my opinion still holds me glued to a computer screen today, its not the fancy graphics or limited sound capabilities it was the sence of freedom i had and having faith in my Cobra MKIII could always get me out of a tight spot. Many places to explore unique traders selling there wares, Bounty Hunters after your hide, or that once in a lifetime special offer for the last speices of tribble.

After those first load up screens no other clone came remotely close save one but still it wasn't Elite.

The Bad
I if there is only one thing i didn't like about this game and that is with all good games time takes it's toll and many games companies try to update the game only to make a real hash of it and sometimes this is a good thing as it makes the original all the more valued.

The Bottom Line
Its an easy game to play but difficult to master, your ship maybe wireframe but she's cool, loads of trading opportunities places to go just fly in space and do your own thing.

Amstrad CPC · by Paul Wildman (2) · 2008

probably the most immersive non-roleplaying game of it's time

The Good
What's so special about Elite? Sitting hour after hour, day for day in front of a computer, reading a book, drinking coffee, every now and then throwing a glance at the monitor, to look for potential threats or the space station.
Well it's a little bit paradox, but I think in Elite the repetitive gameplay adds to the immersion.
You start out so inexperienced and poor and struggle to earn your first credits, cargo bay, beam laser, ... . And while struggling you learn how to handle your ship. And with time passing, suddenly you are a flying killer machine, shooting whole armies of pirates, before they even leave their one pixel state. And you feel rather cool doing so :-).
Add in unrestricted freedom to do what you want (be it mining, or piracy, trade or ...) and you have one of the greatest all time classics ever developed.

The Bad
After a long, long time it really get's boring.

The Bottom Line
How to make a living with a space ship or a 3D-space-action-shooter-trading-game placed in a universe of 6000(?) star systems.

DOS · by Zzap (56) · 2000

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