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A Blizzard Hit!

The Good
Almost everything, including-

Graphics- Well, okay, these could have been nicer, but they're pretty good on their own. I still like to watch little Protoss Dragoons drown in their own liquid!

Sound- It's kind of repetitive, but it's fun to hear each unit respond as you click it, and it's cool how if you select multiple units, the highest ranked one responds.

Gameplay- Playing the single-player campaign is fun, but NOTHING beats Blizzard's Battle.Net. Its reasonably easy to get used to, if a unit isn't available, it quickly explains why, and the first mission in single-player campaigns is completely tutorial.

Replay Value- 73 out of 10. This game has so many maps it isn't funny, and if you go onto Battle.Net (for a one-time setup fee of- FREE excluding regular ISP costs) there's new maps coming out every day, even now! And if you're tired of playing classic games, go to use map settings for awesome games like Sunken Defense and my own Fast and Free build!

Controls- They're easy with a mouse. Add some hotkeys, and a five-year-old could play!

The Bad
Barely anything, but if I have to point something out, I guess it gets a little repetitive. It's always (at least in my case) build a bunch of units, attack, get killed, go back to step one. Then again, I'm not a great player, I'm just a fan...

The Bottom Line
Blizzard strikes again! This game is really a great one. If you liked Command & Conquer, you'll love this. The fact that it has THREE sides (Zerg- bug-like things, Protoss- Advanced Aliens, and Terran- Humans) and one of the sides (Protoss) has mind control abilities and the ability to call a group of units from anywhere to a certain spot instantly, and the ability to cloak anything around it (uh-oh, I'm revealing too many of my secrets...) makes it a GREAT game, that I recommend to everyone!

Windows · by Paul Brown (16) · 2002

An amazing RTS expansion, way better than its Warcraft cousins.

The Good
What I like about this game is that it's such an open-ended game. Each unit and building can be used in multiple ways, so the possibilities are practically endless. The multiplayer is just amazing. I also liked that there are three different races and each of them have different advantages and disadvantages. I liked the part where you had to mine 2 different types of resources, rather than 1 type or 6 different types, it's the perfect amount.

The Bad
There are a couple of small balance issues, I also didn't like when the other players lagged and slowed down the game (in multiplayer). I didn't like that the computer could simultaneously control 30 units and such. The last thing I didn't like is that the game can sometimes run slowly if there are other programs running in the background.

The Bottom Line
This game is an open-ended game with multiplayer, and single player story, although, I would like to see a multiplayer story mode in a future release. [Some information on this game was provided by my good friend Colin]

Windows · by Mattz1010 (14) · 2004


The Good
THIS GAME IS THE GREATEST STRATEGY IVE EVER PLAYED SINCE DIABLO!!!!!! WOW what can i say.Theres about 1 million different maps you have. There are 3 groups . ZERG(BEASTS, CANNIBALS) Protoss (a little more advanced more like robots) And finally Terran (human)

The Bad
I didnt like....................umm .................. the music? they could have more groups but they will in starcraft 2.

The Bottom Line

Windows · by Amirooo Aliooo (14) · 2001

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