Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft

aka: Tomb Raider III: Les aventures de Lara Croft, Tomb Raider III: Novas Aventuras de Lara Croft
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The intrepid archaeologist Lara Croft ventures to India, searching for a legendary stone that once belonged to the tribe of Infada. Shortly after recovering the precious stone, she encounters a Dr. Willard, the head of an organization known as RX Tech. Willard is interested in an ancient Polynesian city built by people of a now defunct civilization, which worshipped a mysterious meteorite that hit the Earth millions of years ago. Willard tells Lara that the Infada Stone is in fact one of the four artifacts the ancient Polynesians fashioned from the material contained in the meteorite's core. Willard suggests Lara should look for the other three, scattered and hidden in various regions of the planet. It looks like another dangerous adventure awaits the fearless "tomb raider"!

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft is an action game with platforming and puzzle-solving elements. The gameplay system is similar to the one implemented in the previous game. Lara's abilities include running, jumping, climbing, swimming, rolling, crouching, crawling, sprinting, and swinging on bars and vines. A few new types of hazards have been added in this installment, including cold water in which Lara can swim for a limited amount of time, dangerous underwater creatures (such as piranhas), and the treacherous quicksand, which will swallow the heroine if the player isn't careful and fast enough to prevent her from falling into it.

As in the previous game, Lara uses pistols, shotguns, harpoon guns, uzis, and grenade launchers to defend herself. New weapons include the Desert Eagle, MP5 sub-machine-gun, and rocket launcher. A few levels are designed in such a way that sneaking becomes the preferable solution, rather than directly engaging the enemies in combat. Unlike the previous games, the player can choose to tackle the levels in any order following the introductory Indian scenario.

The player can save the game at any time in both the PC and the PlayStation versions; however, in the latter the amount of times the player can save the game depends on the amount of special crystals collected by Lara during her journey.


  • Tomb Raider III: הרפתקאותיה של לארה קרופט - Hebrew spelling
  • 古墓丽影3 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 古墓奇兵 III - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Average score: 79% (based on 43 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 118 ratings with 2 reviews)

An all around cultural adventure with deadly weapons of destruction and a gorgeous woman kicking ass!

The Good
The game is brilliant for adventure. I love the idea that you can travel to different continents, and you can choose where to go. Whether it's India, London, South Pacific, Antarctica or Nevada. Lara explores places where she encounters Indian artifacts, ancient meteorites, Area 51 and mini subs - Oh my! The rooftops of London and the icy wastes of Antarctica. Ms Croft must use more than her wits to stay alive, which is why she's happy to have lots of new vehicles, weapons and moves at her disposal.

You get to train in her mansion, which is huge with lots of exciting secrets to explore one, which includes driving a quad bike in her back garden dirt track! You get a lot more out of this game than any of the others.

With her new outfits, weapons, vehicles, locations, multiple routes in many levels, new deadly traps, secrets, villains, monsters, dinosaurs all combined in brilliant atmospheres and entertaining music You can't not enjoy it!

The Bad
Looking from another’s point of view, perhaps some may not get on well with the controls and movements, but once you get familiar with them, you'll use them like a pro! This can result in some really cool actions!

Also some may get impatient, but the thought of challenging through the levels is an accomplishment! To be honest there wasn't particularly anything that I disliked. It kept me on my toes and each level had something to look forward to! It depends what type of games you enjoy.

The Bottom Line
If you like action, adventure, weapons of destruction, creative levels based on real places, exploring culture as well as using your brain, blasting big bosses with rocket launchers, speeding in quad bikes, racing down waterfalls with boats and using a list of her cool new moves. Then Tomb Raider 3 is the game for you!

Oh.. and last but not least.. Being in charge of a beautiful woman in hot pants (for the guys! she’s such a tease!) or the thought of world domination by a woman (for the ladies who want to kick using a female for a change!)

A brilliant game! keep the tomb raider games living!

PlayStation · by Antonia Lenham (3) · 2003

Lara's third and most difficult adventure.

The Good
I liked the new environments and the graphic improvements of the game. The story is very original. Very good idea that you can choose the path you take within the levels.

The Bad
I didn't like the size of some of the levels. Especially the urban levels in London. Another thing which made the game difficult to complete was the lack in medical packs and ammunition. That made it more difficult to kill enemies.

The Bottom Line
A difficult game to complete. Try out Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider 2 before trying this game.

PlayStation · by Michael B (303) · 2007


German version

In the German version, all blood effects were removed.


Get all the secrets in the levels and you'll unlock the "Al Hallows" level based on London. Furthermore, Lara's mansion (the training level) holds two major secrets: A quad-cycle race course (behind a locked gate, the key is in the aquarium), and a museum with early Tomb Raider relics like the Scion and the Dagger of Xian (in a secret door on the lobby) Be sure to check a walkthrough if you can't find them, they require some precise actions and timing to unlock.


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