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In the year 2010 video games have evolved from consoles to virtual reality playing machines. The only problem is computer viruses still exist and can wreak havoc on your mind. This is the premise of Firestarter, a first person shooter named after the virtual reality machine. The virus infected game has trapped your consciousness and you must complete your virtual reality game within 48 virtual hours to free yourself.

You can choose from six different characters to play as with some being an Agent - a female with excellent acrobatic skills, a Gunslinger - a male with good reaction and great accuracy, a Cyborg - a heavily armored player with the skill to restore his armor and a Mutant - a four armed humanoid with the ability to fire with all four arms. Each character can improve his/her skills (27 total) by gaining experience points on completion of objectives in missions. Skills range from learning - increased experience points to vampire - conversion of monster damage to player health. A unique skill is vandalism in which the player receives extra experience points for brutally killing a monster or desecrating dead bodies.

Gameplay consists of 16 levels broken down into several episodes with each episode objective being different as in killing a certain amount of enemies or surviving for a limited time before the door to the next episode opens. There are 19 different types of weapons from your typical assault rifle to the mighty mortar firing 7 types of shells in which to slay the 20 different enemies from demons to symbiont's. In each episode you must (or game over) find and pick up artifacts within a certain amount of time. Artifacts range from invisibility to terminator where the monster targeted by this artifact will become the #1 enemy and all other enemies will attack it until death.

Choose from single player campaign (from one level to the next) or instant game where you can select a single map to play with your character from the campaign mode. Multiplayer modes include classic deathmatch and cooperative play to hunting - several players on one map with one monster to kill, first one to kill it wins and slaughter - players fight non-aggressive re-spawning stealth mimer's to see who can kill the most.

Included in the game is software to benchmark the game on your computer.


  • 火线追击 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 70% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings with 1 reviews)

Excellent in all aspects, especially as a stress reliever!

The Good
I hadn't heard about this game until a friend of mine brought it to me as a present for my b-day. I really didn't know what to expect from looking at the shots on the back...

Well this is good! In fact this is a damn good game! We're talking about a cyberpunk themed 1st or 3rd person (your choice) shooter.

Okay let's begin from somewhere, cause the good points are quite a lot in this game. You install the game and a slideshow with screenshots is playing while installing. From what you see you feel that this one will be either very good or a total failure... thankfully the first is true!

The game begins with a superb 3D animation intro movie. An ugly guy walks towards the virtual reality module (which is exceptionally designed), while another bald guy (the one on the cover of the game's box) is getting killed 'cause he didn't manage to escape.

Going into the game's first level, the first thing that hits you, is a beautiful cold, cyber surrounding, which is excellently modeled and textured, with abundant innovation and graphical excellence. And the best part of it is that this high standard of level design is maintained throughout the whole of the game. You simply can't stop yourself from pausing from the menace and admiring the wonderful architecture and cybernetic-claustrophobic level design. The game's sets seem as if you're participating in a future TV show where you have to fight to survive. As far as the graphics and level modeling are concerned, the game is a true masterpiece, spouting imagination and constructive innovation, way ahead of most games I've played recently.

One would expect this game to have the same gameplay layout as any other shooter around, ie.: going from point A to point B and eliminating all hostile elements in between. Well, this game works in a different way. Here you're beginning in a set space (sub level) and you have to kill all the monsters and collect all the artifacts in order to gain access to the next sub level until you reach the final sub level and complete the level. After a few complete levels there's a final one where at the end you're having a not so peaceful meeting with the level's boss.

The arsenal you have in your disposal to clean the hostile elements is literally massive. On each level you're presented to a new, more destructive type of weapon than the ones you've already used. Frankly the selection is huge. Their design is equally innovative and futuristic, the models are uniquely detailed and textured, simply beautiful! I still cannot forget that satisfaction I got from shooting that 6 barrel autocannon (or it's heavy 8 barrel modification)! Havoc unleashed!

In addition to conventional weapons your character can develop special abilities, mental or physical, that can be used at your benefit in combat. For instance, you can develop a mental ability that commands the enemy to shoot other enemies instead of shooting at you. In fact the player's character is constantly developing qualities like health, armor, weapon handling among others, allowing to create a super-hero according to your tastes and needs.

The soundtrack of the game is an absolute killer! Cyber-Funk-Techno-Hardcore that absolutely immerses you into the insane killing atmosphere of the game. In fact the music of the game is so good I couldn't help myself from recording some of the featured tracks on a CD and playing it in my car while I drive everyday to work! Suddenly I get to the office on-time! lol

A wide selection of enemies is available for you to waste to pieces. Some very weak some incredibly strong, with equally deadly arsenal. And these are some tough ones. The key here is to find the 'right' weapon that is more efficient on each.

Several difficulty levels are available for you to try, although I wouldn't recommend anything higher than 'normal' cause it's suicidal. You can also choose the type of character that you'll participate with in the game, from 6 available, from very light acrobatics and agile orientated characters to very stocky built with larger armor and firepower qualities.

The Bad
A thing that troubled me the most is the sloppy movement of the player's character, which reminded me a bit of Doom II. No! it's not that bad but you can fall from platforms fairly easily.

Also, sometimes you get stuck on a spot for no reason!!! Now imagine that you have 3 enemies firing at you and no ammo on your weapons, you're running desperately to find some bullet packs and you get stuck in a spot for no reason at all! Or, you sidestepping and because the movement is so sloppy you fall off the platform into death... This is quite frustrating and lead me to quit the game quite a few times.

Also the game does not allow saving between levels. If you get killed in a level there's a limited amount of quickloads which is the point where you collected the last artifact on the level you were playing.

The enemy's AI has a bit vandalistic approach, as they do not try to hide and shoot, instead they all attack you straight on. At least that's how they react on the easy level I've played. Talking of enemies, the weapons that are at your disposal sometimes don't do justice on you. For instance, having a shotgun on the last level to clear dozens of monsters is quite frustrating. Or, a rocket launcher with too many enemies around and too close. The game developers could spend a bit more thought on the weapons management. For instance, the shotguns are totally useless, they have a disturbingly low rate of fire and they are available far more times than the machine guns, which after the first few levels are forgotten once and for all. Also the plasma guns and the electric guns are quite amiss to be honest.

Finally the game seemed a bit too short to me. I have the feeling that other shooters I've played were far longer in depth and duration. On the other hand making a game too long maybe boring, so I'm not quite sure if this is a negative point of the game.

The Bottom Line
The biggest selling point of this game is its atmosphere! Total Cybernet-o-punk annihilation! Superb scenics and soundtrack! The movement of the player's character needs a bit of work, but, put that aside and we're having a highly satisfying game here that won't let you get bored so easily!

Given the fact that you can choose which character you'll participate in the game with, you can play the whole game a few times, as every character has its own unique skills and qualities. Considering also that it doesn't takes too long to complete the whole game.

If shooters are your game, this one's a must have! Also if you need a good game to take the day's steam off your head, this is the perfect reliever.

In all, graphically excellent and way ahead of most of the competition!

Windows · by SifouNaS (1309) · 2007


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