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The planet Tuul was a peaceful place, until the evil warrior Sarlac used the power of the Darkstone to take control. Kyle Blackthorne's father, the good King Vlaros, sent him to Earth just as his kingdom crumbled around him. Now, twenty years later, Kyle is grown and must return to Tuul to free it from the clutches of Sarlac.

Blackthorne is a platform action game played from a side-view with non-scrolling backgrounds. It has certain similarities to Prince of Persia, being set in maze-like environments and focusing on exploration and occasional puzzle-solving. Kyle Blackthorne fights enemies by shooting at them. His default weapon, a pump action shotgun, can be upgraded throughout the course of the game. Various types of bombs can be used to damage enemies, blow open doors, or destroy generators. Keys must be found to gain access to new areas.


  • ブラックソーン - Japanese spelling

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In 2011 Blizzard Entertainment made the game free for all their users through their digital Battle.net platform. You can find Blackthorne by visiting the downloadable games section through a Battle.net account and scrolling to Classic Games.

Cut versions

The SNES version (US and European) misses blood effects when shooting prisoners, bleeding corpses and a blood splash in the Blizzard logo and game over screen. In the Japanese SNES version all blood is removed and prisoners can't be shot. The 32X version only has the cut in the company logo.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • September 1994 (Issue 62) - Game of the Month (SNES version)

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  • Blackthorne
    official website.- archived version from 2008

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