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Star Wars: Battlefront

aka: Star Wars: Battlefront (Classic, 2004)
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For the first time in gaming history, after countless games depicting various aspects of the rich Star Wars universe (including some we never wanted to see), players have the chance to step into the boots of the average soldier in the wars that raged across the galaxy. Gameplay is based on the successful standards set by Battlefield 1942, but combat in Battlefront is even more massive and heated, vehicles are more predominant and the familiar starships are also included.

There are three different game modes to play: Historical Campaign (featuring a series of "historical" battles from the Star Wars mythos), Conquest (in which players vie for dominance of individual planets) and, of course, Instant Action. The game puts two pairs of factions at war: Republic vs Separatists and Rebel Alliance vs Galactic Empire. Each faction has four standard unit types (soldier, heavy weapons trooper, scout and pilot) plus a fifth, special unit which differs radically for each side. Famous Jedi and Sith are included as NPCs only in selected battles. Finally, the game offers almost all of the vehicles seen in the movies for players to fly, drive or hover and prevail.


  • 星球大战:前线 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 78% (based on 49 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 83 ratings with 8 reviews)

I still don't know what the hell is going on!

The Good
Every fight is rather big for Playstation 2 standard, both the multiplayer and singleplayer matches put you in the role of a soldier in the middle of the battlefield along with a few hundred other soldiers. There are lasers flying everywhere, armies taking over bases and you are a relatively small part of it all. It is an interesting take on what we expect from war games, the kind of games where we are supposed to be everyday soldiers, but can take a few hundred bullets and grenade shells to the face. Here you will just have to outwit the AI if you want to be relevant.

I am a big sucker for multiplayer games with vehicles in it (see also Halo 3), I simply love it when I can step into a car whenever I feel like and cruise around while firing lasers at everything that survives the initial collision. The Star Wars universe is home to some pretty basic cars, but you may also take over Walkers and aircraft... I probably don't have to explain how insanely awesome that is. Flying over an enemy base and firing a huge laser into the main room is so much fun that it should probably be illegal.

You can choose what kind of soldier you want to play as, meaning you will select between different classes every time you respawn. This choice can make a lot of difference and choosing the correct spawn location is also something to keep in mind because you are naturally not going to live very long if you spawn a sniper in the middle of a settlement that is under attack. I often found myself switching between the classes all the time because the battles have the tendency to be very unpredictable, you might be doing fine with a standard assault class for a while until some vehicles drive into your base and you find yourself switching to a rocket launcher.

The AI is pretty good for a game as hectic as this, their main tactic is to overrun enemy settlements, but they at least try to dodge bullets and encircle the base. When they are given a vehicle they will also do pretty well and if an objective is in danger they will try to fix it without abandoning the main battlefield altogether. I especially like it when they get into a flying vehicle because they will try to protect ground units during their dogfights, which both looks impressive and really saved my hide from turrets a few times.

The Bad
The truth is that I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies. I don't like sci-fi, I was born too late and I simply don't have any interest in them. When I got this game with my new Playstation 2 I was hoping it would be nice to me and at least explain what I was supposedly doing, but instead I got a very poorly explained story. I played this game in a bit of a trance, going from battlefield to battlefield with not a single bit of understanding. It was kind of fun, but I wish there would at least be a narrator to explain how I went from mining center in the middle of space to a jungle level within the same five minutes.

I don't like doing tutorials before I start a game for reasons I consider to be very obvious, you just want to get started with the game and not play through an hour of boring instructions. Left 4 Dead fixed this rather well by giving advice as you got across new features of the game, if you found a grenade a little message would pop up telling you how to throw it for example. I kinda hoped Star Wars would do the same, but while rarely needing it, it would have been nice to get at least a few hints now and then. When I first played the Jet Trooper for example I had no idea how to use the jet and during a mission in the snow I had to fight these huge walkers which I had to take down by somehow putting a rope around its legs. Those are the moments when a simple message telling me how to pull that rope out of my ass would be VERY welcome.

The game's audio was really messed up and my copy of the game seems to be fine, so I assume it is a programming error of sorts. The most common problem was dialogue getting stuck or the narrator telling me things about the battle about a minute after they happened (regarding events such as taking over an enemy base or taking a huge hit to our reinforcements). Normally I wouldn't really mind seeing as I got through the game just fine and I couldn't really care about the story anyways, but it was just very problematic during combat when I wouldn't be able to reinforce a settlement because by the time the message would arrive, it would already have been taken over.

While it is fun to drive around in vehicles, it is not nearly as fun when you have to fight one. The main problem is that unless you can specifically target the enemy riding it, you will likely die before the vehicle will. Most vehicles just have an ungodly amount of health, even when firing rockets at the most common ones it will take a while to take them down. It is also doubly unfair when they have a mechanic onboard that repairs the vehicle in question, this was the case during the snow level too. Most of the time a vehicle only counts as one or two reinforcements too, so all that effort is kind of a waste in the end.

The Bottom Line
Star Wars: Battlefront has some pretty grave problems that would normally give me enough reason to drill the game into the ground and I have certainly given bad reviews to much better games for much lesser problems, but I just have to admit that I had fun when playing Star Wars: Battlefront. I had no idea what I was doing, but the hectic combat and the size of even the smallest conflicts was just so thrilling that it felt like playing a game like Space Invaders, you don't need context, you just need a weapon and enemies to fire at.

If you are a Star Wars fan you will likely love this game, judging by the other reviews here on this website it may even be a great game once you know what is going on. The few, rare people that aren't fans (like me) can probably do a lot better than this game. Am I going to review the sequel to this title? Yes, I certainly am, but not until I have played Ratchet and Clank. I want to know what all this "best franchise ever" is about...

PlayStation 2 · by Asinine (957) · 2011

A game where "single player" is a bot match against the computer

The Good
The graphics are very well done and it features video clips direct from the movies which are nice to see. It's also interesting fighting in all the different locations taken from the movies. And the areas are recreated very well.

It's nice to play as the light and dark sided teams and you have the ability to play in both 1st and 3rd person, which can be nice for fighting.

The number of different units you can play as is great. You won't get bored with playing the same unit all the time.

The rankings at the end of each mission are interesting as they track things such as top "camper" (staying in one place for long periods of time), top deadeye (headshots), and top enemy of the state (kills). You can also see the stats of all bots in the game.

The Bad
Where do I begin? First of all, the most disappointing thing about this game is the format of it for single players. This game is really a multiplayer-only game. If you choose to play single player, you are simply playing a standard multiplayer bot match against the computer rather than against other people. If you die, you just spawn back into the game.

Weapons are limited greatly based on what unit you play. You have a main weapon with very limited ammunition, a secondary weapon with unlimited ammunition (but it recharges slowly), and some form of mine/bomb weapon. You may also have a shield, health packs, etc. If you end up running out of ammo for your main weapon, unless you want the limited weapon power of the blaster weapon that has unlimited ammo, you basically have to just go get yourself killed so you can respawn with more ammo.

AI is sadly lacking in the game. If you go up onto a ledge/balcony/etc and sit there, you can take pot-shots at your enemies as they come along and no one will try to get you. There is no thought of flanking or retreating or anything. Units will often just stand there as you shoot them.

The Bottom Line
If you like Star Wars, you like Bot matches, and you can live with poor AI, this game is definitely for you. The graphics are great and the short clips from the movies are nice to watch.

On the other hand, if you want good AI and a real single player game... find something better.

Windows · by Riamus (8448) · 2004

Simply put, STAR WAR! WAR! WARS!

The Good
The thing that truly makes Star Wars Battlefront entertaining is that you can do whatever you want, anywhere you want.(Maybe except a strip club with Jabba staring at his alien dancers) Also Whenever you want, choose either The Galactic Civil War Era or The Clone Wars Era, which changes games experience. Also another interesting fact is you can play on four organizations, the Droid Army, the Clones, The Empire or the Rebels. Oh, did I forget vehicles? nope. Thy'ere is a vast variety of vehicles from swift Speeder Bikes to immense AT-AT Walkers.The music is superb and changes from the classic trilogy music to Episode I and II, depending on which era you choose. And don't worry their are plenty of weapons!!! But most of all, they have footage from the star wars films which are used in Historical campaign hand Galactic Conquest, awesome. Also their are Planets that in which you can choose your battles like Hoth, Naboo and more.

The Bad
Sometimes games have a dark side, but they all do. one downfall is it gets repetitive at times, like you can't make it past a Droideka unless you kill get killed ten times. (Yes you can be a Destroyer Droid.) Second of all the extras are not too surprising, just stills and concept art, you deserve much more, like cheats for all your hard work! Last of all, the Historical Campaigns are too short, yet the game is not lacking.

The Bottom Line
The game is a brilliant game, mostly set on the star wars battles and characters, and is very war like and you can play for hours without boring out, and is one of the best Star Wars games, I have ever known so get your wallet out and buy it, it's worth it.

Xbox · by Chase Bowen (35) · 2004

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Along with "Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force", this game was released to tie in with the Star Wars DVD sets.

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