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Argo Navis

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Aliens have invaded your spacecraft. For the good of humanity, you have decided to stop the aliens by destroying your ship. However the pieces needed to activate the self-destruct sequence have been scattered around your vessel. Your task is to collect all 12 explosive parts, assemble and activate them in the correct part of the ship, and then flee to the life-boat in the hope that you will eventually be rescued.

Argo Navis is a platform game set in a 96-room maze, connected by corridors and ramps. You can walk left or right, shoot, or jump over small gaps. You start the game with a certain amount of oxygen, which only decreases if you fall any distance, run into walls, or get hit by aliens (such as robot guards, spitters and weird spider-like creatures). Oxygen cylinders may be collected to replenish your air.

As you explore the ship, you will find that many areas can only be accessed by pressing a button to activate a door, and there is some challenge in determining which order the doors should be opened. You may find stars to collect which increases your score. There is also a mini-game which is accessed any time you try to pass one of the special red firing portals dotted around the ship. When this happens, the ship comes under attack by another alien ship and you must move your cross-hair about to shoot at it. Once that ship has been obliterated, the game continues as normal.

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