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You play a rookie boxer trying to fight your way to the top. Fight bouts to win money, to pay for your training and manager. Ultimately fighting your way to the title "Champion".


TV Sports Boxing introduces many elements within the game, which among others may be categorized as the following:

  • Character Creation

The "campaign" version in TV Sports: Boxing allows you to start "a new career" of which you have to create a new "human player". Here you can customize your boxer, generally how he looks but more importantly what stats he begins, what style of boxing (ie. Boxer, Brawler, Dancer, Defensive), and which punch packs the most (ie. Jab, Cross, Uppercut).

  • Managing Bouts and Training

At the "Training Camp" you can meet up with your manager and your trainer.

The Manager sets up bouts for you to fight in the following month. Managers can only introduce bouts relevant to their "quality" of service. Better managers may be hired as they provide better-paying bouts - and higher-ranking opponents (though they also ask for a higher wage). You must, however, fire your current manager first and have adequate funds to hire a new one.

Each bout pays a certain amount of money. Regardless of whether you win or lose (minus manager cuts, trainer fees, and training camp expenses).

The Trainer provides you with additional training per month, depending on his/her specialty stat (ie. Power, Stamina, Footwork, etc.) If you continue a successful career, better trainers will appear offering different types of services (which they also ask a higher fee, of course).

While meeting with the Trainer, you can also purchase equipment to increase your training (stats increase). There are 3 slots available for equipment. Equipment has a certain duration of time (months) expiration before it needs to be replaced.

Additionally, you can also view your character here, to view monthly stats increase, either obtained by training or by bouts (stats increase are automatic).

  • Round 1 - Fight!

After you've arranged a bout with your manager, you can enter the appointed bout in the following month. The TV commentator gives comments on "Tale-of-the-Tape" of both boxers before the match begins, as well as the rules of the game.

The Ring

The match starts in a top-down perspective where you can close into your opponent and fight face-to-face or you can dance around the ring (usually meant to increase your stamina).


The fight itself enters a 3rd person perspective screen (Player 1 on the left, Computer opponent, or Player 2 on the right).

The purpose is of course to weaken your opponent and knock him down! If the stamina bar reaches zero, the opponent falls down. However, if the Head or Body reaches zero, they fall down and don't stand up! Knock Out!

Being knocked out 3 times in the same round or serious injuries is considered a T.K.O.

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Average score: 66% (based on 11 ratings)


Average score: 3.1 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings with 1 reviews)

Great boxing game combines arcade action with career development

The Good
Boxing games aren't all that common. This one has you build your boxer up from scratch. Character creation is actually pretty advanced for such an old game. In addition to selecting the color of your boxer's shorts, you can pick skin tone, hair style & color, and even his height, weight, and reach. These last 3 stats have an effect on your game play as well (I can't recall exactly what, but for example a longer reach means you can fight at a greater distance, but your punches are slower).

Fights require you to move around the ring and mix up offense and defense. Circle your opponent and back them into a corner with jabs so they can't escape your wrath. Throw a left cross as you close in, then finish him off with combination of uppercuts and more hooks! Make sure to keep your guard up to protect your face and lower it to protect your stomach, if you get hit in the head too much you'll get knocked out, same for the stomach. You also need to watch your energy which you consume by throwing punches or getting hit (sometimes you even fatigue when you block punches, and getting hit reduces your maximum fatigue for the rest of the fight-- so watch out). Keep an eye on your Head, Body, and Fatigue stats-- if you can make it to the end of the round, you'll recover a bit.

There are 4 ways to win fights-- Knock your opponent out (KO), knock him down 3 times in a round (TKO), punch your opponent's face into a bloody pulp so the ref stops the fight (TKO), or bob and weave your way to the scorecards (decision). Any win will help your career, but different foes may require different strategies.

You start with a low ranking, and a sketchy manager. Your goal is to work your way up the boxing ranks by defeating higher ranked foes (or in rare cases, lower ranked foes). In addition to improving your Win/Loss record and gaining some respect, fighting also earns you money, win or lose. You can spend this money on training gear or to hire a new manager, etc. Every training item you buy, from the speed bag to headgear to a gym membership, will improve your stats over a few months' time.

As you win fights, your ranking goes up but you'll soon outgrow your manager who has no pull to get you fights against boxers of your improving caliber. A better manager will get you better fights and a greater % of the fight purse, but he will also take a greater share of your reward. One final distinction is each manager has different special abilities. For example the doctor/manager will improve your ability to resist getting cut by punches. One manager can use her sex appeal to get you a title fight from outside the Top 5 rankings, but be careful because you're probably not ready for it.

Play with your friends and you can each manage a boxer. You can have at least 4 boxers going at a time, just bear in mind time is linear and you must oversee them all simultaneously (of course fights are sequential though!).

The Bad
EXTREMELY difficult once you start fighting the top 8 fighters... and bear in mind, over time these Top 10 fighters age and may fall down in the rankings. You may find a badass at #18 if you play for a long time, perhaps after you start a second boxer a year or two later. Top contenders will make you think your computer is on overdrive as the punches rain down on you faster than you can change your guard. Making things worse, their punches will go THROUGH your guard and make you look like a chump. You'll likely have to change strategies over time-- while it's fun to knock people out or cut them early in your career, you're going to have to start running away for 6-12 rounds against tough foes, and that's a pretty boring way to win a championship. At least you can create a new boxer and use him to get those knockouts you crave.

You're going to have to fight with the keyboard, I don't think gamepads were even around for the PC when this game came out, and a joystick back then just wouldn't have enough buttons.

What else don't I like-- the game is on 5 1/4 inch floppy disks, so I can't install and play it now!

The Bottom Line
ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing is a fun boxing game that manages a good balance of character/style customization with in-ring pugilism. Power-up your character outside the ring, then step in the ring and duke it out for fame and glory. Fights are generally well-paced and fun, and they do require a bit of strategy. Things start to go sour once you make it into the Top 8 though and the game becomes increasingly frustrating as the Champ and his Top Contenders will tear you apart.

This game is a tremendously fun boxing game and I highly recommend giving it a try. It's pretty easy to learn and is fun enough to have great replay value (you don't even have to restart, just start another boxer!). If you can beat the champ, you deserve to brag about it in these forums. Good luck

DOS · by Nate Wolff (10) · 2006


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