Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

aka: Oddworld Stranger, Oddworld: La Fureur de l'Etranger, Oddworld: Strangers Vergeltung

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Xbox credits (2005)

144 people (140 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 162 credits.

Oddworld Inhabitants

Executive Producer
Creative Director
Chief Operation Officer
Original Script
Production Designers
Sr. Producer
Asst. Producer
Game Script
Lead Programmer
Senior Programmers
Conceptual Design
Lead Game Designer
Senior Level Designer
Game Designers
Lead Realtime Artist
Senior Realtime Artist
Technical Directors
Realtime Artist
Realtime Cinematic Art Director
Senior Animator
Technical Director
Digital Matte Painting
Tools Programmer
Assistant Editor/Avid Effects
Sound Designer
Quality Assurance
Sr. Systems Administrator
Systems Administrators
Creative Services Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing Asst/Copywriter
V.P. of Finance & Legal
Senior Accountant
Legal Assistant
Accounting Assistant
Director of HR & Administration
Office Administrator
HR Generalist
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistants
Character Voices
Character Voices Additional Support
Dialogue Director (German)

Electronic Arts

Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Senior Development Director
Technical Director
Associate Producer
Assistant Producer
Director of Partner Management
Partner Manager
A&R Manager
Director of Marketing
Product Marketing Manager
Public Relations
UK Director of Marketing
Marketing Manager
UK Product Manager
Packaging Project Manager
Packaging Graphic Designer
Packaging/POS Project Manager
Documentation Layout
QA Director
Senior QA Manager
QA Lead Tester
QA Assistant Lead Tester
QA Testers
QA Compliancy Lead
QA Compliancy Assistant Lead
QA Compliancy Testers
Senior QA Engineer
Senior QA Lead
QA Hardware Support
Administrative Assistant
Senior HR Generalist
CQC Management
CQC Platform Specialists
CQC Project Leads
Localization Project Manager
Localization Product Manager
European Localization Product Manager
Software Localization Manager
Head of Territorial Localization
Head of Localization Project Management Europe
Special Thanks
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