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Cave Story

aka: Doukutsu Monogatari , Tale of the Cave


Cave Story is a metroidvania platformer with the amnesiac soldier Quote finding a city of rabbits called Mimigas. The Mimigas are preyed on by an evil doctor, who kidnaps them for his evil experiments. They still remember Arthur, a hero from their past and others are awaiting for the return of Dragons. The soldier soon falls in with Sue, a stranger to the Mimigas, but the only one who seems to know about the Dragon Eggs. Unfortunately the doctor wants her next.

The game closely resembles a NES platformer with a distinct 8-bit style and fast gameplay. The main character collects weapons (blade, bubbler, fireball, machine gun, nemesis, (super) missile launcher, polar star, snake, and spur) that can be leveled up three times. There are also health capsules to increase his life bar. There is a variety of jumping puzzles and boss battles to challenge players as they explore the game.

The DSiWare version of the game is fairly close to the original and does not contain most of the changes introduced in the earlier WiiWare release. It however contains the Sanctuary Time Attack mode, seasonal costumes for Christmas and Halloween, and a jukebox where all tracks of the game's soundtrack can be gradually unlocked.

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1001 Video Games

Cave Story appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


In many ways the game has set a trend in quality for indie platformers. This has also led to it being brought up in discussions about originality in the indie games community. New games, even often of a completely different genre, are often described as Cave Story rip-offs, but mostly not seriously and rather as a running gag.

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