Monster Truck Madness 2

Moby ID: 1671

Windows credits (1998)

60 people with 78 credits.

Graphics Engine
Vehicle & object simulation
3D Acceleration
UI Design & Programming
Sound Programming
Truck Programming
Additional Programming
Lead Artist
3D Cockpit Art
3D Vehicle Modelling
Level Design
Phototexture Art
UI Art / Design
Sound Effects
Biz Guy
PR Guy
Program Management Project Lead
Program Management Unit Lead
Product Planning Project Lead
Product Planning Product Unit Lead
Business Unit General Manager
Product Unit Manager
User Assistance & Content Project Lead
User Assistance & Content Product Unit Lead
User Assistance & Content Localization
User Assistance & Content Team
Software Test Engineers Project Lead
Software Test Engineers Product Unit Lead
Software Test Engineers - Localization
Software Test Engineers Team
Art Director
Art Lead
Location Director
Location Grip
Production Coordinator
Video Editor
AfterEffects Artist
On-Line Editor
Video Audio
Commentary Content Lead
Commentary Team
Commentary Content Coordinator
Commentary Intellectual Properties
Product Marketing
Public Relations
Game Web Site Producer
Product Packaging
Product Support
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Credits contributed by formercontrib, Kic'N.