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Ashes 2063

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Ashes 2063 is a standalone compilation release of a project that was originally started as a total conversion for the GZDoom engine which is based on DOOM II. It contains the first episode, in this release an updated version called Ashes 2063: Enriched Edition that merges the original mod with the expansion pack Ashes: Dead Man Walking, as well as the second episode Ashes: Afterglow. Both episodes are started with a separate executable and this standalone version is based on Freedoom. The second episode continues the story of the first, but nothing is carried over in terms of progress.

It is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic universe overrun by gangs, mutants and cannibals. The player controls a scavenger who loots buildings and camps and that way often has to fight the gangs. The valuables he collects can be taken to various settlements where they are sold for cash or goods. When hostilities rise, the scavenger decides to investigate a strange radio signal that has been broadcasting from the ruins of the nearby abandoned and irradiated metropolis.

The game completely overhauls the original DOOM II with new environments, enemies, weapons, AI, voice-acting, a new soundtrack, a currency system based on gathering and selling junk, a reloading system, jumping, crouching, free mouse look, location based damage (headshots), a radiation system, a journal, an inventory, mod crafting using workbenches, objects that can be destroyed and pushed, quests, and conversation trees and lore with friendly NPCs.

Locales include both corridor-based environments as well as large open areas such as a bombed out highway, a crumbling city, flooded sewers and tunnels and secret military laboratories. There are also several sections that can be explored freely with a drivable motorcycle and a large amount of freedom. The game rewards slow and careful gameplay. Instead of the running-and-gunning from DOOM II there is more focus on careful exploration with elements reminiscent of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and detailed environments similar to Duke Nukem 3D. The game also incorporates elements of stealth where certain enemies can be avoided or alternative paths can be used to get around certain confrontations.

There are regular levels, secret ones and a tutorial. Weapons include a crowbar, a jackhammer, a shotgun, a machine gun, regular pistols, a musket, pipebombs, portable traps that can also be dismantled, a Master Blaster and more. Weapon mods can be bought from shops or are crafted using junk. A lantern can be enabled to light dark surroundings. It has a limited battery recharged in daylight. Certain parts of the environment can be destroyed, both for offensive means such as exploding canisters as well as to collect scraps and junk. Levels contain secrets and a top-down map can be activated like in the original DOOM II. There are several difficulty levels and ammo is often scarce. Health and armor are carried over between levels. While the first episode is largely linear, the second one provides more of an open world with hub locations, several quests to pursue and multiple districts that can be accessed at any time and some freedom in the order to complete them.

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Credits (Windows version)

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Designed by
  • Vostyok
I would like to thank the following for their special contributions
  • Reformed Joe
  • PrimEval
  • Captain J
  • XenoXols
  • Chronoteef
  • Retromuffin34
  • Ezepov
  • Snarboo
  • The staff and regulars of the Zdoom forums
  • SunniBoi
  • The Dutch Ghost
  • And to all those who took the time to play and comment on this project
  • None of this would have been possible without your help and advice
Designed by
  • Vostyok
Co-Mapper / Zscript
  • Reformed Joe
  • The Dutch Ghost
Additional Textures
  • Retromuffin34
Main Voice Actor
  • Chronoteef
New Radiation Script
  • Xlightningstorml
The Scav
  • Sunniboi
  • Carl Shading
  • Bluevaporconcord
  • Pugalo
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