Dracula: The Resurrection

aka: Dracula (résurrection), Dracula Resurrection, Dracula: La risurrezione, Dracula: Voskreshenie, Dracula: Zmartwychwstanie, Drácula, Drácula (a ressurreição), Drácula Resurección
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Atmospheric Delight in a Great Adventure Game

The Good
The character Dracula has endured many long years of bad movies and bad games. Occasionally a good movie will be released, like "Bram Stoker's Dracula" by Francis Ford Coppola, and occasionally a good game will be released, like "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" by Iga at Konami. When a piece of Dracula media doesn't work, it is a hard and painful time either watching or playing. But when it does work, it works well. And this, "Dracula: Resurrection", works very well.

For me, a good Dracula game, (or movie), requires that the character Dracula be evil, menacing, intimidating, and cultured. Castle Dracula must be huge and full of rooms with old treasures and hundreds of cobwebs. Cemeteries lit by moonlight and filled with strange sounds are absolutely essential. Securing all of these elements together has to be an appropriately spooky and atmospheric music score. "Dracula: The Resurrection" has all this and more.

Aside from the movie-quality production design, set design, and lighting, this game plays very well. Albeit, the choice of game play is quite similar to "Myst", the designers employed a new technique of a movable, but static, camera. Think the navigation in "Myst", but with each "step" you have the ability to rotate the camera around 360 degrees. The graphics are pre-rendered, so you are looking at one static image that appears to be "wrapped" around you. There are hotspots, like in "Myst", and by clicking on them will move you to that spot, or manipulate an object. This works exceedingly well because the locations you navigate around in are not only so beautiful that you'll want to take in every bit of them you can, but the ability to look around really embeds you into the atmosphere and the feeling of the game. Looking up at a ceiling never felt so good.

The music is appropriately symphonic and never leaves the player wanting for more of it or more variety, and the sound effects get the job done well. The voice acting is very good, done by many industry veterans. (I was particularly happy to see the protagonist of "Dark Earth" and "Omikron: the Nomad Soul" return).

The puzzles, as hailed by many as a bit too easy, are very well done and are grounded into the world of the game and do not feel tacked on. The puzzles are just the right difficulty, easy enough for a younger person to be given a cerebral workout, and hard enough to challenge older gamers for a bit of time, (but not too long). I personally hate puzzles that require me to stare at two or three images for an hour or two. The harder puzzles can be solved within 15 or 20 minutes.

The Bad
Some "hard-core" adventure gamers will find the puzzles not challenging enough. If this is truly the case then the pacing of the game might be thrown off a bit. The game moves at a steady rate, it never spikes or drops off. But if one were to fly through the puzzles then their enjoyment will drop a bit.

Another complaint is that there was not enough Dracula in this "Dracula" game. True, Dracula does only make a few appearances, but that did not detract from the game in any way for me. To the success of the developers, you will feel Dracula's presence at every corner, even though he may not be there staring you in the eyes.

The Bottom Line
After, supposedly, killing Dracula, Mina is kidnapped and Jonathan Harker swings into action to rescue his truly beloved. He navigates spooky cemeteries, erie tunnels, and creepy mansions. The music is spot on, the designs are superb, and the game play works very well. The puzzles are challenging and not too difficult, and the pacing is just right. After finishing this title I was not left wanting. Isn't that one of the most rewarding feelings for a gamer?

Windows · by D P (129) · 2006

Atmospheric eye candy.

The Good
This game looks very good. The artwork is wonderfully creepy and quite immersive. The portrayal of Dracula's wives toward the end of the game is worth the price of the game.

The Bad
This game was by far the easiest game I have played. If you want more of a challenge, I have read that the sequel is more difficult. It was also a bit on the short side. I finished this game in less than a week of casual play. Also, Dracula himself is only around for a cameo appearance in this game, but is supposed to be more involved in the sequel.

The Bottom Line
This game looks very good, portraying the environs and people of Dracula's Transylvania with effective creepiness. If you want to be taken along on a brief yet beautiful ride through atmospheric graveyards, castles, and crypts, try out this game. It's quite easy, and a bit brief, but is enjoyable nonetheless.

Windows · by Rodney Mayton (17) · 2001

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