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Game Boy credits (1994)

20 people (17 professional roles, 3 thanks) with 24 credits.


Software Engineer Balor Knight
Senior Director Tony Beckwith
Game Design Tony Beckwith, Balor Knight
Background Grafix Anna Knight, Jason Green
Animations Darren Goodacre, Jason McDonald, Emil Sergiev, Anna Knight
Mapping Andrew McCarthy
Music and Sound FX Edward Haynes (Ed Haines), Steve Collett (Steve Colette)
QA Manager Tim Bradstock
QA Technicians Tony Beckwith, James Brown, James Stewart, Nick McGee, Mary Chown
Password Encryption Chris Pile
Fox Licensing Scott Marcus
Special Thanx 2 Carl Muller (Carl 4 Crisp2), Fat Gaz 4 Box2Mat, Asha 4 Inspiration
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