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Batman Forever is the officially licensed game based on the 1995 movie. The bad guys this time around are The Riddler and Two-Face.

This game is an usual hybrid of side-scrolling platformer and one-on-one fighter. You make your way through levels that include some platform jumping elements, but you typically take on opponents one at a time like in a fighting game. You arsenal includes a lot of nifty bat-gadgets, and a collection of fighting moves that are unleashed with special button combinations.

The graphics were rendered completely with digitized actors and objects, but none of the actors from the movie make an appearance in the game.


  • バットマン フォーエヴァー - Japanese spelling

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Credits (SNES version)

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Stunt Coordinator
Lighting Design
Camera Operators
Production Assistants
Director's Assistant
  • Izquierdo Studio - New York
Wig Design
Harvey Two-Face Make-Up
In-Game Programmer
Presentation Programmers
Utility Programmers
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Average score: 56% (based on 30 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 63 ratings with 3 reviews)

Batman needs you...

The Good
Great beat' em up. You play as Batman and you beat up all same bad dudes from the movie. I got this sorta "I'm so cool, I mean, geez, I'm batman!" sorta feeling when I started beating up the baddies. The multiplayer mode is cool and you can do secret moves and stuff with the other characters. (thug 1 is the best).

The Bad
The colors for the SNES version were a little different from the Genesis version. The blood looked like gray water. Robin's suit looked kinda dark and distorted. I'm not sure what's up with this, or if anyone else has noticed, but it doesn't really change the fact that this is a great game.

The Bottom Line
Great beat' em up fun, even more if your a batman fan.

SNES · by Dason Rise (17) · 2003

What the heck, it's just fun.

The Good
The game is an interesting combination of fighting and side-scrolling. There is a good variety of weapons and special moves available, most of them fun. You can pull off some fancy attacks if your timing is good. The levels are varied and usually have an interesting quirk to them that makes them different ( for instance, in one level, you end up riding on top of a moving helicopter. As enemies fall from the sky, you have to knock them off). Possibly the best part is the enemies. Instead of just walking back and forth and hurting you by running into you, they also use special moves and weapons.

The Bad
The top grudge is that the game doesn't save.If you die, you have to go back to the beginning. Also, The villains get extremely difficult to beat. The graphics aren't real good, even by 1996 standards.

The Bottom Line
The game isn't perfect. It's no " Jedi Knight II". But it IS fun. Even without a save game it is fun. 6.5\10

DOS · by Zorgob (25) · 2002

Mortal Kombat: The Adventure. With Batman offcource

The Good
It is a Batman game, so that's always a good thing. Game can suck a lot, but Batman kinda redeemes it. A Mortal Kombat fan like me, likes the fact that gameplay is a lot like Mortal Kombat (not if there's actually Mortal Kombat engine behind all that). Also this game takes Batman to the basics - beating up bad guys!

Music is great, and comes directly from CD, if you don't like the game, it serves as music cd quite well. Also it's price dropped to a level of CD in few months (for some odd reason)

The Bad
Controls are bit sluggish, and when played with keyboard, there is too much delay.Gadgets doesn't usually work as they should, so the're mostly no use. Also difficulty level jumps from "easier than Motor-up" to "Diehard hard" after few levels.

The Bottom Line
Very average game. Actually one of the most average games there is. Technically it's not that great, but it features Batman beating up a lot of weirdos, so that kinda makes it good.

DOS · by Hannu Siivonen (15) · 2007



For the movie, early concepts of the final showdown on Claw Island had a huge, muscled, Riddler when Batman finds him. While this concept never made it into the film, it was carried over into the game.

SNES version

The SNES version, for such an odd reason, had loading times.

Information also contributed by CaptainCanuck.


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