Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

aka: Stubbs The Zombie: Месть Короля
Moby ID: 19756

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Xbox credits (2005)

226 people (157 professional roles, 69 thanks) with 244 credits.

Wideload, Inc.

Project Director
Lead Engineer
Lead Writer
Lead Designer
Lead Artist
Game Designers
Shell Engineers
Art Commando
Lead Character Modeler
Lead Animator
Concept Artists
Environment Artists
Additional Modeling
Engine Technology
  • Bungie Studios
Bink Video
  • RAD Game Tools

Sound Effects and Music

Lead Audio Producer & Music Composer
Lead Sound Designer
Additional Dialog Recording
Additional Dialog Editing
Additional Sound Design
Barbershop Quartet Arranger
Recorded at
  • Post Effects Studios
Shell Design
Additional Design

Motion Capture

Motion Capture Director
Motion Capture Producer
Motion Capture Artists
Recorded at
  • Red Eye Studios
Motion Capture Performers

Chewy Software LLC


Voice Actors

Officer Dupe
Officer Hannity
Medium Militia
FixitBot, MailBot, Thin Militia, Lt. Cop, Internal Security, various ad voices
Beat Cop, Riot Cop
Lt. Cop, Riot Cop
Maggie Monday, GuideBot, PhoneBot, various teen girls, various ad & alarm voices
Andrew Monday, scientists, sheep
Judy, various ad & alarm voices
Otis Monday, Sonny Skegness, Chief Masters, Large Militia, scientists, businessmen
Dr. Wye, Chuck Chumley, MilkBot, TrafficBot
Army Soldier, Army Sargeant, various teen boys
Internal Security Quartet

Asypr Media, Inc.

Project Manager
Production Coordinator
V.P of Publishing
V.P of Operations
Development Director
Director of Business Development
Assistant Publisher


Director of Marketing
Marketing Art Director
Marketing Manager
Graphic Designers
PR Assistant
Contributing Writer
Public Relations
Additional Artwork
  • Animation Farm
Soundtrack Producer

QA/Technical Support

Director of QA & Technical Support
Compatibility Lab & Technical Support Supervisor
Compatibility Lab & Technical Support
Lead QA Analyst
Assistant Lead QA Analysts
QA Analysts
Production Tester
Build Engineer
IT Support
Special Thanks
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Credits contributed by j.raido 【雷堂嬢太朗】.