Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima Daibōken

aka: Makai Island
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Higemaru Makaijima features Momotaru, the hero from Pirate Ship Higemaru. He is searching for Baido's treasure and in order to find it he will have to visit seven different islands. However, entrance to the islands are locked so Momotaru will have to find the keys in order to enter the islands. The keys are being held by different ship captains so Momotaru will need to board each of their ships and defeat them.

The gameplay loop is broken into two parts. The first part involves sailing around trying to find a ship and then boarding it. Once boarded, this part of the gameplay is similar to Pirate Ship Higemaru. Momotaru will need to beat a certain number of enemy crewman in order for a path to the ship captain to be made available. The combat takes place on a deck of a pirate ship. On the deck there are a bunch of barrels, which form maze-like patterns, and pirates. The barrels can be picked up and thrown. Momotaru can throw the barrels at the pirates which will defeat them. The pirate captain at the end will then need to be defeated. Once defeated, the captain will drop a key to a specific island gate.

The second part involves going to the island the key is for and entering it. Islands are filled with hostile enemies who can be defeated by throwing rocks, barrels, etc... at them. Momotaru must search the island to find and defeat a boss monster who is defending a treasure. Once the treasure is gotten, Momotaru can leave the island and start the cycle all over again by boarding another pirate ship.

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Credits (MSX version)

10 People

Game Design
Advice Manager
Character Design
  • Haihoo K (as Haihoo.K)
  • Kan chan
  • Vampire.M
Sound Compose
Music Compose
  • Minanosyuu
  • Capcom



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Cancelled English version

This game was originally going to be released in America under the name Makai Island. Though it was completed, it was left in the dust due to Nintendo's "six games a year" policy. You can still play the unreleased English version by downloading the ROM on lostlevels.org.

References to other games

One of the islands of the game is inhabited by monsters from the game Ghosts 'N Goblins.

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