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The earth is overpopulated and mankind must find a second home. The spaceship Amazon is sent to investigate Saturn and Jupiter for possible colonization. Near the end of its mission, all contact is lost with the ship except for a distress beacon. The player is part of the crew sent to the Amazon's last known location to find out what happened.

Creature Shock is a first-person shooter with Full Motion Video and arcade-like elements. Aliens of all sizes and types will try to destroy the team, but each one has a weak point that can be exploited. The fighting takes place on the surface of asteroids and within mazes of passageways underground.

There are also two 3D sections where the player gets to pilot the ship.


  • クリーチャー・ショック - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 69% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings with 5 reviews)

Great graphics, poor gameplay

The Good
The most noticable aspect of this game are the in-game graphics and atmosphere. Whether wandering down a dark corridor and being ambushed by a big one eyed worm or shooting oncoming aliens in an open air field, the lovingly crafted graphics draw the player in. Everything is done in CG, and the cutscenes blend in well with the in game graphics. The environments are not very varied, but they are very well presented.

The Bad
This game is very simple. You walk forward, shoot whatever pops up, then repeat. Sometimes you shoot a lot of things, mostly its just one or two. The flight sim part of the game is a joke really, almost an afterthought. The game can be incredibly difficult as well, with limited save points and much trial and error going through many of the tunnels.

The Bottom Line
Creature Shock is a first person point and click adventure game similar to Myst with a bit of arcade space flight thrown in for good measure. Although the game is first person and you move around by clicking forward, backward, left, or right, it really isn't a Myst type game. It is based on action, your mouse curser acts as your cross hairs, and when a monster pops up in front of you, you blast it until it is dead. There are variations where the player stands still and shoots aliens in a shooting gallery type situation as well. The game has amazing graphics, even by 2004 standards, but the gameplay is so simplistic and frustrating it can get old quickly.

DOS · by MojoHelperMonkey (39) · 2005

Quite possibly one of the worst shooters ever. Avoid it like cancer.

The Good
I played it, so you don't have to.

The Bad
This game was being sold in stores.

The Bottom Line
Bad games are released all the time. But when a game is so bad it can barely be classified as a videogame, you know something's not right. I'm not even going to waste my time writing an unnecessary long review and I'm just gonna get straight to the point.

The premise of this "game" is that one fateful day humanity decides to colonize other planets and to do this they construct various starships to explore some parts of the universe. Nothing spectacular, but I guess it was nice for 1994. You begin the game with a cutscene that shows one of said ships approaching an asteroid, until said asteroid actually reveals itself to be an alien and extents tentacles to the ship taking it to deep space. The cutscene looks promising, and after that you realize you need to find out what the hell happened to the starship and blast off the bad guys.

That is about all that is good about this game. This is where things start to suck. You begin the game aboard a space ship in what appears to be a space shooting game. All you do is click to shoot everything that appears in front of you, you don't even get to know what you're shooting at, there is no timer so you don't know how long it takes for you to reach your goal, and then you get to fight one huge brown thing that appears to be an alien ship, using the same strategy you used for the rest of the level. Maybe the Cyberdemon protip was exactly inspired from this game, that is, "Shoot it until it dies". No strategy whatsoever, just click the fire button like if your life depended on it and you're done.

Now, after this awful attempt at space shooting we actually get to the "first person" part if that's how we can call it. Right after you blow up the brown ship you land in some sort of place, I don't even know how to call it because you don't actually get to know how you got there. And this is where the real action is supposed to begin. Unfortunately, what follows is even worse than the space shooting sequence: You're given a weapon and all you have to do is aim at various monsters that pop up in front of you and kill all of them to proceed to the next stage. You can't move your character, there is no way to avoid enemy fire, there is no strategy in the fights, all you have to do is shoot at them before they can shoot you. It's the most boring, awful and frustrating experience one can ever see in a videogame, because there's basically no gameplay at all

This pretty much sums up the whole game. There is nothing to do in this game except for pressing one or two buttons. However, there is one thing that deserves mention: The graphics truly are outstanding for the time it was released, and they're all well animated, even though they look a bit "weird", but it's the overall style of them that makes them feel as such.

But, as the review on HOTU said, "Rule number one in computer gaming industry: good graphics do NOT a game make". This game can barely be called such because there is... no gameplay. There really is nothing to do here. There is no reason at all to buy this game or even to download it because there's no value on it aside for the graphics which even then, have no rotations and may not be compared to doom/duke nukem 3d graphics. Whatever you do, don't get this game, stay away from it, cover your ears whenever you hear talking about it, destroy every copy of it you find: it is the definition of all that is wrong with videogames, graphics over gameplay.

Now that you're done reading this review, you might as well consider playing some real videogames. Titles like this one just need to be forgotten and never be heard of again.

DOS · by CKeen The Great (160) · 2011

A cool arcade game!

The Good
This game features great atmosphere and breath-taking action scenes.It's also very difficult to complete because you cannot save your game wherever you want.However the game autosaves your position every time you accomplish each mission.This is good in my opinion,because if you could save wherever you wanted the game would be fairly easy

The Bad
As stated in the review,a couple of missions take place in space where you pilot a space-craft.These missions are very difficult and really annoying because you have to shoot around the screen without actually stopping for a second.

The Bottom Line
Overall,creature shock is a great arcade game which is recommended to everyone who wishes an action-packed game(but not an easy one...)

DOS · by Gabriel (116) · 2001

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Uh... GAMEBOY COLOR! (1990) Nov 7, 2011


Cancelled port

Atari was working on a port for their Jaguar CD, but cancelled it.


The movie sequences were all rendered on 486 DX/2 66 [Mhz] workstations, which marked high end computing power at the time of development.


The game's manual had its own ideas of what useful tips can be:

"For maximum atmosphere turn down the lights and use headphones instead of speakers."


The German localization features the voice of Rolf Schult as the player's briefing officer and narrator in the intro sequence. At the time Creature Shock was released that specific voice had been especially renowned as the German dubbing voice of actor Patrick Stewart in his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the TV series Star Trek: TNG who in turn sports a similar hairdo like the briefing officer.

Though the original multi language UK DOS release features no credits of any particular voice talent.


  • Power Play
    • Issue 02/1995 – Best Render Graphics in 1994
    • Issue 02/1995 – Best Cutscenes in 1994

Information also contributed by Eric Rushford


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