Lost in Blue

aka: Lost in Blue: Futari no Survival Life
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Lost in Blue is an RPG for the Nintendo DS with several survival-themed mini-games making heavy use of the DS touch screen and microphone. You play as Keith and Skye, two teenagers who wake up on an abandoned island following an ocean disaster. The two must learn to make fire and provisions, gather food, and look for a way to get back home.

Mini-games include making fire, digging for shells, trapping, bow hunting, fishing, and cooking. All must be done with a sense of urgency, as your characters' fatigue slowly builds throughout the day as they continually approach starvation.

The game is the spiritual sequel to Survival Kids.

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The authentic survival game

The Good
Lost in Blue is an original game that continues the Survival Kids series for the Game Boy games. It was released in 2005 and it became soon a cult game for the DS.

The game uses the DS Hardware. The touchscreen and the microphone are used to survive in an island without any danger besides the hunger, the tiredness and the thirst. You'll need to use anything around to survive and finally escape the island.

When you play for the first time, you may think that the game has no end, but it has. Once you've played some time you'll release that the game has a storyline, and soon you'll be addicted searching how to escape and the mysteries and secrets of the island.

Graphics are good, maybe colours are a bit cold, but that's no big problem. Different weather every day, as well as day and night and many different stages like jungles and meadows makes the graphics better but not in a big way.

Gameplay is good, beside some weak points. You'll need to build tools to survive like bows or harpoons. To survive you have to hunt, fish, catch light/stir up the fire or make traps to get tiny animals (you can also domesticate some animals). So, you've got many ways to survive, choose your best. There are also puzzles and enigmas to solve and they compose a good storyline for a story that is as simple as it looks.

The game has many different endings. You can escape the island in many ways which is something that increase the game's length. Moreover, there are three game modes, the first one in which you're the main character of the game, the second one unlocked once you've finished the first one in which you control the girl and yo cook for both of you, and the third one which is a challenge mode with no end. There's no doubt that this is a something good because the game without any extra modes is appealing and it doesn't need any extra modes, so, seeing that you have more game modes once you've finished the first one is something that makes the game more complete and compact.

The Bad
The girl is stupid! You'll be frustrated sometimes because she does nothing and you have to help her all the time. If you need like 5 minutes going to point A to B, if you carry her, you'll need like 10. She's a waste of time but you'll need her to solve some puzzles.

When you start the game, you'll be always about to die because you don't know what to do. Once you've discovered where's the food and where to drink some water you'll have no problem during the rest of the game and it becomes really easy. The game has a reversed difficulty which is something curious but not good for a game like this because it's possible that some players get bored in the first minutes of the game.

The extra modes are adequate, but when you're controlling the girl is really boring once you've played it a few hours. You only have to cook for both of you and nothing more, and you'll just wait for the news that he tells you when he goes out looking for a way to escape from the island. You spend a lot of time in the cave doing nothing at all. Cooking is funny when you do it for the first time, but once you've done it 10 times it becomes more boring and boring.

Gameplay should be better. Sometimes, when you're trying to jump or climb something, your character will start searching for spices in the ground.instead or doing what you want, you'll have to wait a bit and then push the button to perform your order.

The Bottom Line
An original game that will be very fond for the players that look for something new and different. If you've ever dream about being in a desert island now it's your chance. Move up your bag to get all the food that you can, try to find a way out of the island and enjoy your visit.

Nintendo DS · by NeoJ (398) · 2009


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