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Command Adventures: Starship


The year 2127 marked the end of the great interstellar war. Twelve cultural empires declared peace among one another, ending the overt hostilities. In the aftermath, the galaxy is full of planets unclaimed to any particular government. As a starship captain, you have been commissioned to explore space for these available worlds and conquer them for the glory of your race.

Command Adventures: Starship is a game focusing on exploration, space combat and ground combat. The player chooses from among 12 races and begins at a starbase. Options are available to hire crew members, buy new ships and new equipment. Leaving the starbase, the player controls space flight from an overhead view. They may encounter combat with alien ships which is also handled from this view. Upon discovery of a planet or a disabled ship, the player can land/dock and send an away team to secure the area. Away team members are selected from among the crew and available equipment. Planets must be secured by including Engineers on the away team who are able to build an Isolation Grid from the four corners of the map. Money is earned through capturing alien weaponry or conquering planets.



Credits (DOS version)

10 People (8 developers, 2 thanks)

Game Designer
Computer Graphics Art Designers
3-D Modeling
Musical Score
Sound Effects
Art and Animation Director
Digitized Voices
Package Design
  • Merit Software
Special Thanks To




  • Game Bytes
    • 1993 CES Best Game of Show Winner

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