Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Moby ID: 240

Tech Specs/Attributes +


Business Model:
Minimum CPU Class Required:
Minimum OS Class Required:
Minimum RAM Required:
Media Type:
Video Modes Supported:
Sound Devices Supported:
Input Devices Supported:
Controller Types Supported:
Number of Offline Players:

-Minimum memory required: 572kB (582kB recommended)

-Minimum EMS memory required: 900kB (2000kB recommended)

-EMS version 3.2 or higher required.

  • Gravis Ultra Sound supported in Roland GM / Soundblaster emulation mode only (Mega-Em).

-Orchid Soundwave 32 supported in GM / Soundblaster 2.0 emulation mode only.

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USK Rating:
ACB Rating: (Low Level Animated Violence)
ELSPA Rating:

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