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Shadow Watch

Moby ID: 2458

Windows credits (2000)

61 people (60 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 63 credits.


Producer Darren Chukitus
Original Design Kevin Perry
Lead Artist Mike Haynes
Lead Concept Artist Doug Oglesby
Art Team David Rose, Adam Crockett, Christopher Kemple
Lead Engineer Scott Williams
Engineering Team Garner Halloran, John O'Brien
Quality Assurance Analyst Paula Giordana
Additional Support Michael Cosner, Richard E. Dansky, Brian Upton
Special Acknowledgement Jeffrey Wesevich

Red Storm Entertainment

Chairman Tom Clancy
CEO and President Douglas G. Littlejohns
CFO Mike Oliver
EVP, Sales and Marketing Richard P. Wnuk
VP, Product Development Michael Lomas
VP, Operations Robert Houston
Director of Creative Design Steven Reid
Director of Engineering Jason Synder
Director of Product Design Brian Upton
Director of Marketing Carson Brice
Director of Sales Brad Smith
Director of European Marketing and Sales Rob Gross
European Marketing Manager Mike Eglington
European Marketing Assistant Chris Legrand
External Development Manager Kevin Perry
Operations Manager Elizabeth Loverso
Senior Marketing Manager Wendy Beasley
Product Manager Charles Grover Holtzclaw
PR Coordinator April M. Jones
Internal Manager Mur Lafferty
Fat Bloke Adrian Curry
Human Resource Generalist Michelle Benson
Quality Control Manager Stuart White
Technical Support Manager Deke Waters
Lab Coordinator Scott Reid
Lead Testers T. J. Stankus, Robbie Edwards
Testers Ken Turner, Beau Norris, Trent Giardino, Jake Harden

External Development Credits

Composer Mikael Sandgren
Illustration by Richard Case
Executive Producer Jeffrey Eisner
Producer Becky Allen
Asset Manager Glynna Grimala
Supervising Sound Designer Ronald Dutch Hill
Composer/Music Producer Bill Brown
Casting Director/Narrarator Carole J. Ruggier
Voice of Maya Caroline Williams
Voice of Bear Mik Scriba
Voice of Archer Lawrence Mason
Voice of Lily Alexandra Boyd
Voice of Gennady Elliot Goretsky
Voice of Rafael David Michie
Manual Text Michael Knight
Manual Design Nevermore Studios
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