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Call of Duty 3

aka: COD3, Call of Duty 3: En marche vers Paris
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The third main Call of Duty game centers around Operation Cobra in Normandy, France, the World War II operation planned by United States Army General Omar Bradley to break out from the Normandy area after the previous month's D-Day landings. You play as 4 allied sides with American, Canadian, British and Polish soldiers in 14 chronological singleplayer missions covering the 88 days leading up to the liberation of Paris. Surprisingly, you cannot play as the French 2nd Armored Division that actually liberated Paris.

The battles are usually dramatic with many fights and scripted events at the same time, consisting of infantry and vehicles, with semi-destructible environments. In between, there are cinematics that explain the events. A few gameplay mechanics have been kept intact or make a return: slight auto aim, the damage system that allows you to recover if you hide for a moment, and smoke grenades. New features include the ability to toss back unexploded grenades and actions requiring a successful series of button combinations. This can occur in hand-to-hand combat where you can yank the weapon out of enemy soldiers' hands. Enemies work in groups, try different tactics and search for cover.

The main multiplayer modes are standard deathmatch (battle), team deathmatch (team battle), Capture the Flag (either with two flags or two sides trying to control a single, neutral flag) and Headquarters (two sides either defend or attack a structure, and players can now respawn after dying). The new mode, War, is similar to the gameplay of the Battlefield series. Two teams start with two control points each, and one neutral flag in the middle. The objective is to control all five flags.

There are multiple-occupancy vehicles (Sherman Tank, Panzer IV, Jeep, Horch, BMW, Harley), and several multiplayer classes: Rifleman, Heavy Assault, Light Assault, Medic, Scout, Support and Anti-Armor. Each class has unique abilities. There are also two rankings: a normal rank system during a single game where your abilities improve if you do well, and an overall TrueSkill ranking. Also, unlike the previous games, your team stays grouped together after a match and is not booted back to the lobby right away.


  • コール オブ デューティ 3 - Japanese spelling

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Dedicated to
  • The brave men and women who fought and died in the Normandy Breakout. Your courage and sacrifice paved the road for freedom in Europe.
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Average score: 78% (based on 115 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 67 ratings with 1 reviews)

Great single-player - as expected - but AMAZING online multiplayer. Extremely addictive

The Good
Graphics are sub-GoW (what isn't?) but very, very good for a 2nd gen game. SP gameplay is fun and uncomplicated, if a little predictable. Music and sound effects and are both outstanding. Multiplayer wise, this is the best online experience currently available on the Xbox 360. No other game can touch it; I was a tester for MP at Treyarch and after the game was done, the whole team bought retail copies so we could play it at home. Keep in mind we have been playing the game daily since May 2006! Multiplayer is frantic, team-oriented and very enjoyable, with new and improved vehicle action. Also, every single MP map is of high-quality and displays a very impressive level of detail, rivaling some SP maps from other games. The game is a must-have just for the MP and the intense SP seals the deal.

The Bad
Some progression breaks are a problem for SP but since checkpoints are spread evenly, it's always possible to reload the most recent one. I also heard that people are having problems with the collision detection - they get stuck in geometry. Didn't happen with me - yet. Lastly, some of the writing can be very cheesy / exaggerated, making the game less realistic than intended. On the MP side, some Axis weapons are weaker than the Allies's counterpart - I'm sure they will eventually fix it with a patch. The connectivity issues reported in forums will also be fixed very soon - I got word that the patch should be ready before the end of the year. Even with the slight weapon balance problem - we did our best but it was hard to focus on that weeks from shipping - skilled players can easily destroy the opposite team.

The Bottom Line
One of the very best WWII FPS ever made. Trounces everything else currently on the market, multiplayer-wise - COD2 and GoW included.

Xbox 360 · by Luis Levy (15) · 2006


German version

In the German version all swastikas were either removed or replaced with iron crosses.


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