Sid Meier's Railroads!

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Windows credits (2006)

222 people (205 professional roles, 17 thanks) with 231 credits.

Firaxis Games Development Team

Production Lead
Production Assistants
Lead Engineer
Lead Gameplay Engineer
Additional Programming
Art Lead
Art Effects Lead
Animation Lead
Model Lead
Additional Art
Audio Lead
QA Manager
Quality Assurance
Tools and Automation Engineer
Manual Editor

Firaxis Games Management

President / Studio Head
Chief Creative Officer
Executive Producer
Director of Technology
Art Director
Marketing Director
Manager, Online Marketing
Human Resources Manager
Office Manager
IT Manager

Additional Development

Opening Cinematic
  • Anzovin Studios
Scaleform Team

2K Publishing

VP Product Development
VP Business Affairs
VP Sales and Licensing
Development Manager
Associate Producer
VP Marketing
Director of Marketing
Associate Product Manager
Director of Public Relations
International PR Director
Media Specialist
Director of Operations
Art Director, Creative Services
Production Manager
Web Manager
Web Designer
Game Analysts
Strategic Sales and Licensing Manager
Quality Assurance Director
Lead Tester
Senior Tester
Quality Assurance Team

2K International

General Manager
International PR Director
International Marketing Director
International Product Manager
Licensing Director

2K International Development

Development Manager
Technical Producer
Development Team
Localization Manager
Localization Teams
  • Around the Word
  • Effective Media GmbH
  • Synthesis International Srl
  • Synthesis Iberia

2K International QA

QA Manager
QA Supervisor
QA Localization Supervisor
Mastering Engineer
Lead QA Technician
QA Technicians
QA Localization Technicians
European Publishing Team

2K International - China

Game Designers
Sound Designer
General Manager

Special Thanks

Special Thanks
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