Zoom! is an arcade style puzzle game. Your character Zoomer (a Pacman lookalike with arms & legs) must trace the outline of the squares on the game board to light them up. Points are awarded when full squares are formed, although the game also displays how many lines must still be completed. You proceed to the next level when all the squares have been lit up. There are various monsters that will try to hunt you down - contact with these costs you energy and eventually a life. There are also a number of power-ups that will aid your quest - quick filling of tiles surrounding the bonus piece, a level skip and bonus points, for example.


  • ズーム! - Japanese spelling

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Zoomer was a pac-man (without legs afterall it seems), Sega made him into a funny little rodent Andrew Fisher (706) 2023-03-04 21:53:31


Amiga version differences

The US Amiga version had a few differences from the later international release, most notably a sample of Rick James' 'Super Freak' (also later sampled by rapper MC Hammer for his hit 'U Can't Touch This') in the intro sequence. The US version proved unusually difficult to pirate, and while a hacked version had been created, a proper ADF format version compatible with actual Amigas wasn't made available until 2017.

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