Victoria: Revolutions

aka: Ricky, Виктория. Революции

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Victoria: Revolutions is an add-on for Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun, a strategy game set in the Victorian Era, and born by the same engine as the EU series.

The changes in Revolutions include:* Timeline extended to 1936, thus completing a full century, and including new techs to cover the extra years of the Interwar period, and the rise of Fascism, which is included as a separate Ideology. Fighters are added, but only as brigades.

  • Capitalist system reworked. In Revolutions, the player can only build or expand factories or railroads depending on the economic policies of the ruling political party, and Capitalists will build them on their own depending also on the policies (in Laissez-Faire economies, all is done by Capitalists; while in Planned economies the player is in charge of all).

  • Many tweaks in the political system, like greater unrest when banning parties, political inventions more influential on issues and ideologies, or sharper differences between monarchies and democracies. Now, depending on military policies, create or disband soldiers may be restricted.

  • Tweaked colonization system. Naval bases in provinces of origin are now prerequisites, as well as some techs.

  • A converter utility to save a game and continue it in Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday.


  • ヴィクトリア レボリューション - Japanese spelling

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