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Goblins Quest 3

aka: Goblin's Quest 3, Goblins 3
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It is said that there is a mysterious labyrinth harboring great secrets that might fulfill the wishes of those who discover them. Two countries respectively ruled by Queen Xina and King Bodd have been competing over the right to explore the labyrinth. However, strange events started happening one after the other: the guardian of the labyrinth died, his daughter disappeared, and King Bodd apparently fell under some sort of a curse. A goblin reporter named Blount get caught in the midst of these events as he attempts to interview the queen and the king. As if that weren't enough, Blount also gets bitten by a werewolf and falls in love, and must find a way to deal with both predicaments.

Goblins Quest is the third entry in the Gobliiins series. Like its predecessors, it is a puzzle game with adventure elements; the emphasis is on solving complex tasks confined to smaller areas rather than on exploration. Most levels occupy more than one screen and allow limited navigation between different areas. As the reduction of the title to a single "i" implies, this installment only features one controllable goblin. However, at various points of the game Blount will require assistance from other player-controlled characters such as Chump the parrot, Ooya the magician, and Fulbert the snake. In addition, Blount's own spontaneous transformation into a werewolf may affect the solution of some puzzles. The hero will also undergo a few other mutations and drastically change his size during the course of the game.


  • גובלינים 3 - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 80% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 57 ratings with 4 reviews)

Less goblins - more fun!!

The Good
This is the last contribution to all time classical goblins series - and the best one, I must say. You now have to navigate only one goblin (as the result of one "i" in the name of game), though he get help from other characters (the green parrot, the magician and even his own reflection) almost on every level. The game has no inroduction, but there is an option in the menu from which you can read about your mission from a local paper, which our hero, Blount, works for as a reporter. Despite of this feature and all the "puzzleness" of the game, it has a very interesting and deep story. Your mission, at first, is to take the intervue from beautiful Queen Xina and evil King Bodd, who suddenly became enemies. Your first task will be to get off the flying ship which is bombered with boulders (and it's only the beggining!). Furthemore, you not only have to make king and queen friends again (even more then friends, I must tell you!), but also find and save your own love, solve the genius puzzle maze and even became a werewolf! The game, as the previous ones, is devided into levels (from one to three at a time), which a very challeging and original. Check this out: you'll become a giant and very small, you'll turn into a werewolf and grew wings, you'll see yourself as a two floughting arms and in the role of a little bug on the face of your enemy. You'll have to play for yout shadow, your reflection and, finally, you'll divide into your good and bad parts. This is the most challeging game I've ever played!!

The Bad
The game is rather difficult and has some illogical or hard to understand moments, which it is usually blamed for. Also someone might be complaying about the graphics, the lack of voices and story or the very simplified controls, but believe me, it is just the right graphics, story and controls for such a game.

The Bottom Line
A great final to one of my most favourite series ever! Great challeging puzzles, interesting story, funny characters, build-in hint system (the feature that, in my opinion, should be in every more or less difficult adventure game), no deaths or dead ends and tons of fun!! What more do you want?! (And also try to find out the real personality of Blount! You met him somewhere before... :))

DOS · by Afex Tween (129) · 2003

Wacky fun filled adventure

The Good
Goblins 3 manage to keep all the good characteristics of the previous games and improve them, the interface is the classical point and click and the controls works smoothly.

The main difference in this game is that you can control only one goblin, the news reporter Blount, the using of two characters to solve a puzzle still exists as in most levels Blount has an assistance (this differs as you progress between a parrot, a wizard and a worm) that you could control, however they don't have an inventory, on some level Blount wouldn't be available for control and you would need to use other character (such as Blount's shadow or Blount's sweetheart Winona); this also adds to the versatility of the game. This change in my opinion is a great improvement as this makes the objective of the levels more clear to achieve while keeping the difficulty level the same.

As with the previous games this one also has mainly inventory based puzzles, while the difficulty level is quite hard and the puzzles pose a real challenge to the player I think most of them are more logical than those of the previous games and you only need to explore the game and apply a little logic (albeit a somewhat twisted one) to solve them.

The imaginative design and cartoonish humor also continue in this game and some of the levels are very creative and you have great fun solving them.

Another great and important addition is a screen that let you know the target of each level, this addition made the game aim much more clearer and save you time stumbling around as if you have no idea what to do. There is also a hint menu if you are stuck.

The Bad
The only downside to the game is that the Hebrew translation in which I played is badly done. Makh-Shevet, the disturber in Israel and the translator of the game into Hebrew, had made several spelling and grammar mistakes and had a tendency to change the name of the objects, for example if my mouse cursor is on an object it's name would be different that the one that in the hint menu or while speaking to another character, this had a tendency to be both annoying and confusing.

The Bottom Line
Goblins 3 is both challenging and fun to play and in my opinion is one of the best adventure games out there, I had a wonderful time playing it.

DOS · by Ingsoc (1366) · 2011

One of the weirdest, funniest and best adventures!

The Good
This is one of the funniest games I ever played. The entire game is packed with cartoon-style humor. Blount's facial expressions are just priceless. The personages you meet are just completely weird and funny as hell. During most of the game you'll have a sidekick (like Fullbert the boa constrictor, or Ooya the wizard), those are just hilarious.

The situations you get into are all completely weird. Puzzles not extremely difficult, and they make perfect sense, once you start thinking in cartoon logic that is. For the cases when you really are stuck, you can use up to five jokers to get the solution of that particular bit.

Really nice is that you switch personages during the game: part of the game you play as a flea! The alchemist's lab is also quite original: you're not walking around, but you just see your two hands flying around the room.

The Bad
The disk version is protected with an irritating copy protection scheme. With the game you get a piece of paper with about a thousand colored boxed, then the game asks the color of one of them. If you're like me, you lose that sheet within two weeks. Luckily, there are eight colors, and you get two tries, so you have a 1/4 chance of getting in.

The Bottom Line
This is a game you just have to play. I have never seen another game that came close to being as funny as Goblins 3.

DOS · by rey_ (296) · 2001

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Amiga version

Regardless of some obvious graphics reductions, the Amiga version was deprived of some between levels screens that were going into more detail concerning the story. It did not have a big impact on the puzzles but it left the player a bit unaware why some things were happening. This Amiga version also had three tunes that were randomly played during the game.

Version differences

The game later was released on CD-ROM and featured full speech, different music and additional cutscenes. The original disk version also featured full speech of sorts. Whenever any of the characters spoke, their voices were rendered in "goblinish", a gibberish of sounds coming out in a voice appropriate to the character in question.


  • Amiga Joker
    • Issue 02/1995 – #3 Best Genre Mix in 1994 (Readers' Vote)

Information also contributed by Lev Epshteyn


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