Guild Wars: Eye of the North

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Guild Wars: Eye of the North is the first true expansion to the Guild Wars series of games in that it is not a self-contained chapter. Now as a prerequisite, the player need to own one of the previous Guild Wars games (Guild Wars: Prophecies, Guild Wars: Factions or Guild Wars: Nightfall) in order to play.

It offers high-level content in the form of quests and dungeons and as such is only accessible to level 20 characters. The game is set chronologically, 6 years after the events in Guild Wars: Prophecies and sees characters returning to the continent of Tyria. Creatures known as "Destroyers" are appearing from the depths of the world and are threatening to wipe out civilization.

The player needs to seek out the help of the Ebon Vanguard, the Norn and the Asura to help defeat this threat and does so by earning reputation with them through the completion of quests and mini-games.


  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Русская версия - Russian spelling
  • 拡張版「新たなる予言」 - Japanese Guild Wars In-Game Store spelling

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Extra content will entice Prophecies fans

The Good
Graphically some improvements have been made to the engine and for an engine that is over 2 years old, Guild Wars still looks pretty impressive for an online RPG – the water and fire effects are especially impressive.

The gameplay is pretty much similar to existing Guild Wars chapters except the quests are now repeatable and you have access to more multi-level dungeons. The Hall of Monuments is an interesting gimmick that actually encourages the player to spend a copious number of hours playing the game to farm the reputation points, money and titles required to deck it out, since any achievements gained here are apparently ported as benefits into Guild Wars 2 when that comes out.

Eye of the North contains the best music I’ve heard Jeremy Soule compose yet. The soundtrack will be a treat to Prophecies fans as several pieces incorporate the original theme into them. Also the music changes depending on situation featuring combat music when you’re in over your head and menacing horns whenever you come across a boss.

Voice acting quality is pretty much the same as before although it’s interesting to note that Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Futurama, etc.) voices some lines for Vekk, one of the Heroes available to the player.

Very little bugs were introduced at release and thanks to the streaming updates, serious issues were quickly resolved in the first couple of weeks. The game interface hasn’t changed that much from Nightfall and is therefore still very good.

The Bad
The GW:EN storyline is pretty standard by Computer RPG standards. A re-awakened evil threatens to destroy the world as we know it and it’s up to you and your band of heroes to vanquish them, etc. This would be alright if it weren't for the fact that some characters and events in the game may confuse the player if they haven’t played Prophecies before (since this expansion pack really seems aimed towards them).

GW:EN is definitely challenging and some of the story-based quests are interesting, however the repetitive grinding for reputation does become somewhat annoying at times. All quests and dungeons are repeatable and there’ll always be more things to fill up your Hall of Monuments with but the real question is whether you will have the patience to do so?

The Bottom Line
Guild Wars: Eye of the North will be a welcome addition to veteran players of the series, especially ones who enjoyed or exclusively played Prophecies. Several multi-level dungeons, repeatable quests and 10 extra Heroes will keep players entertained until Guild Wars 2 comes out, if they have the patience to grind reputation and money to fully deck out their Halls of Monuments!

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While EotN might sound like a more appropriate common abbreviation of Guild Wars: Eye of the North, there is actually a little story behind GWEN.

GWEN stands not just for G*uild Wars: Eye of the North, but is also the name of a young girl first introduced with Guild Wars: Prophecies in 2005. She ran around following players through the tutorial while chatting all the time. One of her many dialogues is "Oooh, did you see Sebedoh's outfit? It's lovely, isn't it? I especially like her shoes. When I grow up, I want to be a mesmer so I can have shoes like those." When the Great Searing started (the transition between the Prophecies* tutorial and the main game), it was presumed she was killed during the big fire which turned the green Ascalon into a desert.

Two and a half years (and 8 in-game years) later, while the players venturing from Boreal Station through Ice Cliff Chasms to the Eye of the North (right after the start of the game), an Ebon Vanguard squad stops them right in front of the Eye, led by an unnamed female Ebon Vanguard Mesmer. Just before the end of the cinematic, she says "My name is Gwen".

After entering the Hall of Monuments (inside the Eye of the North outpost), Gwen is unlocked as a mesmer hero. She also gives two special quests involving items of her past (from the Prophecies tutorial).

What happened in the time between the Searing and her becoming an Ebon Vanguard soldier is shown in the Bonus Mission Pack, where her story is one of the four stories told.

It's rumoured that Guild Wars: Eye of the North was intentionally chosen so that it could be abbreviated as GWEN, alluding to Gwen.


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