Cyborg Justice

aka: Robot Wreckage
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You are a member of the Galatic Unity Agency on routine patrol in deep space when your patrol ship is damaged after accidently passing through a meteor storm and starts to lose control, smashing into a nearby planet and blacking out. The next thing you remember you are rummaging through scrap metal and welding together steel to make parts for weapons. You have become a cyborg slave in a munitions factory for the Cydrek Federation, a twisted machine with a human brain, unable to comprehend your situation, clouded by cybernetic programming until one day your human side finally starts to break through. You remember everything and realize that the Cydrek Federation is building an army to take on the G.U.A. and you must stop it. You must take on the entire Federation using your new cybernetic body and stop them from taking over the universe.

You can build up to 216 different combinations of cyborg body parts to rip, tear and burn your opponents in submission, even using the destroyed parts of your downed foes and putting them onto your body. You can also play in Arcade mode in which you take on wave after wave after wave of opponents until your cyborg is finally destroyed or even play co-op with a buddy. The game features up to five levels from the plants surface, the Cydrek Command Center even a futuristic jungle.

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Average score: 61% (based on 15 ratings)


Average score: 2.8 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings with 1 reviews)

Chainsaw or Flame-thrower? Either way you win

The Good
Cyborg Justice has great fighting gameplay with the perfect combination of depth and difficulty. The basic moves are easy and yet effective. For example, quick jump kicks and flips can pulverize most enemies in the first few levels. The trickier moves take very precise timing to pull-off, but can be very rewarding. Latching onto an opponent's torso and stealing their energy while beating them down is highly enjoyable. Pulling your enemies' arm out of their socket is both devastating and can give you new weapons. The challenge curves up high toward the end like most beat-'em-ups of that era, but multiple difficulty settings in the options menu allow new players time to practice as well as provide more challenge after beating the normal mode.

The Bad
The controls may be hard to get used to at first. Unlike contemporary beat-'em-ups there is no simple 'punch' or 'kick' button. This game got the most out of the older 3-button Genesis pad by assigning multiple actions to each button depending on if a direction was also pressed, as well as the timing of tapping and holding. This coupled with the sheer number of moves can be overwhelming or confusing to new players. The difficulty can sometimes be inconsistent. Most fights involve trading blows or maneuvering to line up a weapon attack, but there are some moves which can destroy a player or enemy almost instantly. This works to a player's advantage if they can master them, but most bosses will use these moves on unsuspecting players. The final boss encounter is also quite different than all of the rest of the game and requires frustrating memorization of patterns.

The Bottom Line
Any fan of Genesis fighting games should check this out. Hardcore fighter/beat-'em-up fans should give it a chance too. Despite it's age it offers a lot, including elements that have not been duplicated since. Tearing your opponent's arm out and then throwing it back into their face is priceless.

Genesis · by Marauder^ (87) · 2008


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