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Spirit of Speed 1937

aka: The Spirit of Speed
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Windows credits (1999)

69 people (43 professional roles, 26 thanks) with 76 credits.

Broadsword Interactive

Concept David Rowe, John Jones-Steele
Design David Rowe, John Jones-Steele
Art Direction David Rowe
Lead Artist Andrew Nicholas (credited as Andy Nicholas)
Physics Programmer Andrew Nicholas (credited as Andy Nicholas)
Artists Dai Banner, David Brownsea, Phil Curtis, Nicola Scurlock, Justin Slater
Programming Direction John Jones-Steele
Lead Programmer Jim Finnis
Sound Programmer Jim Finnis
Programmers Ian Gledhill, Sean Smith
Localisation Nia Jones-Steele, Rhian Jones-Steele
Broadsword Interactive would like to acknowledge the following for their invaluable help in the production of this computer game The Brooklands Museum Trust, The Donington Grand Prix Collection, Rob Titherley, The Brooklands Society, Classic and Sports Car magazine, John Cook, Bad Management

Hasbro Interactive

Producer Nick Court
Lead Tester Phil Gilbert
Testers Alan Clark (credited as Alan Clark), Paul Coppins, Chris Knaggs, Dan McJilton, Andrew Stainer, Jamie Toghill (credited as Jamie Toghill), Darren Williams, Luke Williams
QA Manager Andrew Luckett
QA Supervisor Daniel Luton (credited as Dan Luton)
Sound Technicians John Broomhall, Darren Lambourne
Localisation Project Manager Anton Lorton
Localisation Claude P. Esmein (credited as Claude Esmein), Uli Mühl, Jinglebell

Hasbro Interactive Worldwide

Managing Director Tim Christian
Creative Director Steve Cross
Head of Localisation Sam Baker
Commercial Director, European Division Scott Dodkins
Strategic Marketing Director, International Dominic Myers
Brands Director International Kate Webster
Finance Director Janet Oakes
Director of Public Relations Jason Dutton
Operations Manager Jon Darlison
Technical Services Manager Roger Carpenter
Business Development Manager Justin Gaffney
Internet Marketing Manager James Sheahan
Special Thanks Viktorya Hollings, Jenny McKearney, Charlotte Virgoe, Sam Hart, Lori Foster, Jenny Webb, Darryl Shaw, Edward Relf (credited as Ed Relf), Edward Relf (credited as Ed Relf), Kellie Rice, Richard Lever, Kate Egdell, Jody Hawley, Ken Tse (credited as Kenny Tse), Lisa Hung, Michael Constantas (credited as Mike Constantas), Nikki Schultz, Stuart Thody, Lou Fawcett, Nick Court (for the focus and guidance to bring the product in on time)
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