The Trial of Allibor's Tomb


*In the medieval land of Abir, the residents live in the shadow of the tomb of their long-dead ruler Allibor, who had the trap- and treasure-filled labyrinth constructed as a monument to his cruel glory. After it was looted and his body defiled, his spirit lay a curse upon his people, demanding a monthly human sacrifice to be delivered, alive, into his tomb. None ever emerged.

In the years since, local petty tyrants have used the tomb's death warrant as an opportunity to eliminate opponents and consolidate property holdings. Into this heady mix comes the player, an adventurer who enters into a dispute with a drunken lout over the honour of a barmaid. The lout happens to be Owen Wayford, the town's mayor, and the dispute escalates to a final trial -- both parties entering the tomb, where no holds are barred, under the premise that no guilty man will emerge. But will an innocent one?*

Originally circulated as an MS Word document, this amateur gamebook has been converted to the Fighting Fantasy Project's FBook format, allowing full black-box automation of gamebook conceits such as randomization, inventory management, combat and checks of the trademark Fighting Fantasy statistics of SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK (and along the way, discouraging the habitual cheating the gamebook's honour system fostered.)

Slightly larger, at some 500-odd sections, than the original FF gamebooks, much of this game's challenge comes in the form of the deathtraps packed with care into virtually every other in-game location; filler combats are few and far between, but the brutal endgame alone contains a series of several potential instant-death choices strung in a row... followed by two fights of extreme difficulty against highly skilled bosses.

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