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Last Chaos


Last Chaos is an MMORPG of Korean origin where different mortal races fight in the land of Iris. The land was once populated with different races by Eres, the God of Darkness and Apollon, the God of Light. Each race was given unique traits to serve their own function in the world. The gods retreated and occasionally returned to bless the inhabitants with their presence. Apollon was always received with joy, while the inhabitants appeared to fear Eres no matter what.

Dismayed and disappointed, Eres secretly trained a dark army to rid Iris of all life. When he eventually unleashed it, Apollon gave the warriors great strength to resist the army. The most powerful force on Iris became the Knights of Apollon, along with the other races, and they had to oppose Eres' Titans. With no outcome, Apollon eventually accepted a duel with Eres, but neither managed to destroy the other completely and both retreated to heal. The Titans were largely deprived of their power and all races on Iris became more solitary as they recovered their losses. After some time, a new army and a new threat entered the land, and now all remaining races need to decide how to tackle the new danger.

The game is free to play but relies on micro transactions where players can customize their characters and buy new outfits in an item mall. Players choose one of the six classes (Knight, Healer, Mage, Titan, Rogue or Sorcerer), each with their own traits. The world consists of an on-going storyline, with towns where personal quests can be picked up, personal dungeons, public dungeons and large-scale guild battles. There are four main areas. In addition to common dungeons, where everybody can fight monsters and collect treasures, players each have their own dungeon. There are special quests that can only be played in this personal dungeon. Randomly created events are accessible to all players.

There are numerous upgrades and skill trees, which can provide in the production of items through a crafting system. Other features include a party and a pet system. There is both PvP and PvE (including some PvE-only servers).

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