Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

aka: MK vs. DC, MK8
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With the simultaneous defeat of Darkseid and Shao Kahn in their respective universes, a freak portal accident has formed the creation of a new entity that is more evil and more powerful entity that embodies the worst of both worlds: Dark Kahn.

Dark Kahn seeks to merge the DC universe and Mortal Kombat universe into one reality, forcing hero and villain alike to form unlikely alliances in order to keep their realities separate before they are consumed by "The Rage", a force that causes an individual to lose their minds and be consumed by their aggression.

In this arcade-style fighting game, both DC and Mortal Kombat universes are represented by 10 champions each, and one "boss" character, for a total of 22 fighters. Play is similar to the 2D Mortal Kombat games (with some 3D elements), focusing more on the special move aspect than the complex combos found in the previous three games (Deadly Alliance, Deception, Armageddon).

In addition, there are new modes of fighting found with in the gameplay: Klose Kombat, Freefall Kombat, and "Test Your Might", which use the environment as a mini-game style scenario to inflict stylized and extensive damage on an opponent, as well as "Rage", which turns standard moves into a devastating opportunity to crush your opponent. Players battle through such locales as Gotham City, Metropolis, the Shaolin Temples, or Earthrealm's Hell.

As with any Mortal Kombat game, Fatalities are still present for the Kombatants and villains, though slightly toned down to meet the DC standards of heroes such as Superman and Batman keeping to their moral code and not killing their opponent. As a result, the DC heroes perform "Heroic Brutalities", which effectively put their opponent out of commission.

Online play is also available for players to take their fights online for ranked matches, play against a friend, or another online opponent in tournaments.

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An Unlikely Candidate For The Best MK Game In Years.

The Good
Despite its unlikely pairing, MK Vs. DC is one of the most true to form MK games in years. Anything past Mortal Kombat 3 is (thankfully) not referenced and forgotten, meaning that the character roster for the MK fighters is solid and iconic. On the DC side, the selections are just as notable with the majority of comicdom's "heavy hitters". This gives the play roster solid representation no matter what side you choose.

Graphics are also solid, with classic looks for the DC crowd, and the best look for the MK characters in years. Voices are decent, as is the music, which represents the feel from both worlds.

Gameplay goes back to basics, returning to the 2D feel of previous MK games instead of the clunky 3D of the latter games. This results in a more "arcade" like experience, which keeps the action and combos fresh. The control also returns to a more arcade style feel, meaning that special moves play like they should, and aren't replaced by intensive combos that you feel you need a master's degree to study and comprehend. The new fighting through walls and through the air gives the MK series a fresh, much needed dynamic.

The story is also surprisingly good. Normally, these crossover tiles result in "Two fan series mesh together! Who cares why! Fight!" MK Vs. DC actually attempts to make sense of the two worlds merging, resulting in very over the top story that does an excellent job providing fan references from both companies. They also make it a point to explain why near invincible characters like Superman can actually take damage from Scorpion, Sub-Zero or others.

The Bad
This game came at the death knell of Midway, meaning that all the promised DLC will likely never come to light. The promised characters from both sides looked to really round out the fighting roster even more.

Fatalities and Finishing Moves are notably weak. It's a "T" rated game, so the bloodlust had to be removed, as Batman and Superman don't kill. This, however, is largely subjective. as MK finishing moves haven't been relevant, creative or original for years, so how much are we losing, really. The Joker does tend to be the "highlight" character with his nasty little moves.

The game also does not feel comfortable with a fighting stick. The default controller actually feels much better for this fighter.

The Bottom Line
It's amazing to me how people can dismiss the whole concept of Mortal Kombat warriors fighting DC characters as a "ludicrous" concept, yet in the same breath, not bat an eye at Marvel Vs. Capcom's scenarios. At least Mortal Kombat tried to explain their epic confrontation.

It's a real shame that this title came out as the last notable "hurrah" of Midway's creative, then incredibly troubled legacy. If the company had produced more games like this earlier, they might have actually survived. It's a fun, arcade style brawler with more creative polish than the final Midway fare, and a lot of fan service for enthusiasts of either series.

With Warner Bros. being in charge of DC and now the Midway stable of games, perhaps we'll one day see a sequel with those unrealized concepts finally able to come to pass. In the meantime, Midway couldn't have chose a better title to go out on. It's a bittersweet farewell, reminding one of the days of their former arcade glory before their decline. If there's any consolation to that, their legacy at least lives on through other companies.

Xbox 360 · by Guy Chapman (1748) · 2010


Mortal Kombat veteran Quan Chi and DC Comics villain Harley Quinn were supposed to be added to the game via DLC. Unfortunately, Midway Games became bankrupt before it could happen.


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