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Giana Sisters DS

aka: Giana Sisters, Giana Sisters 2D, Giana Sisters HD, The Great Giana Sisters DS

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Giana Sisters DS is a modern 2009 remake of the cult game The Great Giana Sisters from the year 1987. The original game appeared on the C64 and Amiga, but had to be pulled from the shelves after Nintendo threatened to sue over similarities to the Super Mario games. Surprisingly, more than 20 years later the sisters make an appearance on the Nintendo DS.

Giana Sisters DS is a classic platformer. Giana is caught in a dream world and must now recover her lost diamonds and find a way to the mysterious castle. The game features more than 80 new levels (i.e. is not a one-to-one remake). There are also new special items that make use of the features of the DS. Giana can, for example, collect a bubble gum item that can be activated using the touch screen. The bubble enables Giana to fly and is controlled by blowing into the microphone. Another new feature is a world map that allows the player to select and replay levels.

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Credits (Nintendo DS version)

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Produced by
  • Spellbound Entertainment AG
Executive Producer
Game Design
Interface and 3D Graphics
Intro & Extro Graphics
Level Design
Animation, Graphics & Character Design by
  • Pikomi
Developed by
  • Bitfield GmbH
Published by
  • dtp entertainment AG
Development Director
International Marketing Director
International Brand Manager
Head of Marketing GSA
Head of PR GSA
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How Tom Putzki ended up in the credits under Bitfield Team remains a mystery - he was never associated with Bitfield in any way.


Executive producer was Armin Gessert, who programmed to original C64 version. The new soundtrack by Fabian Del Priore was inspired by the original score by Chris Hülsbeck.

Title screen

The title screen changes depending on which day or which time of the day you're playing the game. For example, during daytime, the title screen will have a sunny background, but when you choose to play Giana Sisters DS at evening, a dark title screen with a crescent-shaped moon will appear.

It has been reported that during the Easter holidays, there is a special title screen with Easter bunnies hopping all over the screen! It has still to be proven if an appropriate screen will appear during the Christmas holidays.


  • German Game Developer Awards
    • 2009 - Best Children's Game

Information also contributed by Genki and lostsoul78

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