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Arma II

aka: ArmA 2, ArmA II (Black Edition), ArmA II: Die Ultimative Militärsimulation


ArmA II is, as its predecessor ArmA: Combat Operations a military shooter with a high focus on realism. The game focuses on the events in the small country Chernarus which was overrun by rebels who declared a state of war. Premier Alexander Baranov then asked NATO for help to re-establish peace and order in the country. NATO responded with alerting the fast response unit as well as sending US Marines into the country to minimize civilian casualties. The first ones to arrive is Force Recon Team Razor lead by 1st Sgt Patrick Miles. Part of his team: MSgt Matt Cooper - the player.

Depending on the difficulty level the player either moves Matt as well as all vehicles around in a typical first person shooter fashion or can choose a 3rd person view to explore the 225 square miles big island. Most of the time he is not alone and follows his squad mates to fulfil the various main and secondary objectives like blowing up a radio station or rescuing civilians. To defend against the many enemies, he has a vast array of real world tech at his disposal like the trusted M16 in its various forms or several different kinds of rocket launchers for every possible range. Each weapon has its own pros and cons as well as different distances their sights are calibrated to. In addition the ammunition in ArmA II follows a hard-coded flight path. But the player won't explore the land just on foot. Also at his disposal are many different kinds of tanks, helicopters and even airplanes that all handle very differently and realistically. Depending on the vehicle, there are even different positions available like gunner or tank commander.

Besides the main single player campaign, the player has access to seven scenarios, a weapons chamber he can play around in to unlock additional weaponry and a powerful but complex editor that allows him to create his own missions. In the most sophisticated scenarios both in single player and multiplayer (for up to 50 players), the commander even has the ability to build up a base of operations to unlock access to additional weaponry and such. The destruction of this HQ is then the goal of the enemy team in one of the available game modes.


  • ArmA II: Тактика современной войны - Russian spelling

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ITV documentation

Footage from the game was mistakenly used by the UK's ITV television network in a documentary about Colonel Gadaffi's links to the IRA and the Irish republican movement. The documentary asserted that it was an example of the IRA shooting down a plane using weapons supplied by Gadaffi's forces. ITV later explained that the footage described did exist, however an incorrect segment of video was used due to 'human error'.

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