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Battlefield Heroes is a web based entry in the Battlefield series. The game is the first in the series to be played from a third person perspective and sports a cartoon graphic style. With this new direction it aims to attracts more casual players. The game is free to play and is supported by ads and micro payments. Ads are visible on the website and in the menus but not in-game.

As with previous games in the series, Battlefield Heroes is a team-based multiplayer shooter. Players can choose to join two different factions: The National Army and The Royal Army. Before joining the action however, players must create their heroes. There are three different classes to choose from: the gunner, the soldier and the commando, each with their own characteristics. The soldier is the all-round class. The gunner has more health and can carry heavy weapons like anti tank rockets and machine guns, but is slower than the other classes. The commando is the stealth class and can use his sniper rifle to take out enemies from a distance as well as become invisible.

Each of the classes has their own abilities that can be used to give them or their team an advantage. As the player earns hero point, he can use these to upgrade his abilities in five steps or unlock new abilities. Hero points are awarded to the player for each even level he reaches. There are also valor points received for completing missions. These can then be used to get new weapons, widgets, emotes and clothing from the store. There are also battlefunds that can only be purchased from the website and can not be earned in the game. Battlefunds are used to buy special clothes and emotes as well as improve the player's experience and valor points.

The gameplay in Battlefield Heroes is based on the conquest mode from previous game in the series. Each of the game maps has a number of flags that the two factions need to capture. Flags are captured by standing close to them. At the start of a round the two teams have 50 tickets each, and the teams that first loses all their tickets will lose the round. Tickets are reduced for every team member that dies. When a team holds more flags than the opponents, the opponent will lose more tickets per dead player. After a player dies, he will respawn at one of the captured flags after a few seconds.

The game features three different kinds of vehicles and they can all be used by any player. These are tanks, planes and jeeps. All of the vehicles can carry passengers and these can shoot from the vehicles. Nine different weapons exist, such as pistols machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades. Some of the weapons are restricted to certain classes. All of the weapons have unlimited ammunition.

Before joining an online game players can choose to play through a tutorial where they get to learn how to play the game. The game sports a matchmaking system so that players will go against opponents of the same level.

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  • IGN
    • 2009 - Best Free-to-Play Multiplayer Game (Editor's Choice)
    • 2009 - Best Free-to-Play Multiplayer Game (Readers' Choice)


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