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MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy

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Based on the MegaTraveller table-top science-fiction game, your task in The Zhodani Conspiracy is to prevent war breaking out between the Zhodani Consulate and the Imperium - Zhodani officials have bribed some of their Imperium counterparts to try and bring about a war between the two sides.

In this role-playing game character creation is the first task. Characters can be created and then put through a choice of five military careers to gain skills and experience semi-randomly (there are more than 70 talents and abilities), or you can simply compose your squad of five from the pre-defined roster.

In total there are 28 planets grouped within 8 solar systems, and there's not much space free of adventure and mystery. 30 different types of cargo exist for interplanetary trading and bartering. Combat takes place in real-time, you can control any one of your characters while giving orders to the others.

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Average score: 75% (based on 20 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings with 2 reviews)

fun skill-based combat-intensive rpg

The Good
I liked the way that skills increased the more you used them (become eligible for training for a few creds at a starport), but this doesn't seem to happen very often. Each planet has its own stance on carrying weapons, but you can usually sneak one in in your secondary slot. This game is fairly combat-intensive, I liked the way things can take a violent turn resulting in a few unexpected shoot-outs. You can even trade items which can be bought and sold at starports between systems, this helped me a lot in the early stages, and upgrade your ship with fuel scoops, purification plant, weapons etc. There is ship combat, but I never got around to mastering it. The graphics are fairly simple, the game is quite old(1990), although I liked them, the characterizations are v. good. Good plot too.

The Bad
Bugs! I have only played the DOS version, after a while, on restoring a save game icons and text can become corrupted, if you don't save when this happens, exit the game completely and reload and restore and all should be well. Also I killed some thugs which I don't think I should have killed until later (I think I actually done this a couple of times, as they respawned every visit), picked up their stuff, when it came to later in the game when I had to visit the location and retrieve an item from an npc, none of the npc's would drop anything, including ones I hadn't killed before. All the bugs I encountered were "workaroundable", just a bit frustrating. There is a fair bit of running around doing the minor quests if you choose to do this for cash, some are worth it, some are not, I've heard a high gambling skill can come in handy! Trading between systems is good for cash.

The Bottom Line
This game is based on the MegaTraveller version of the Traveller pen and paper rpg, which I haven't played, but I enjoyed this game nonetheless. Not so simple as the graphics would first make it seem, a lot of fun, although can become tedious in parts, the main quest is linear, it is pretty much up to you how you play the bits in between though. Overall good for a bit of light rpg'ing. If you liked this game, definitely check out other games by Paragon, Megatraveller 2: Quest for the Ancients, Space 1889, and Twilight 2000.

DOS · by Jack Lightbeard (2685) · 2005

A great sci-fi RPG

The Good
The first thing I liked with this game was the large amount of weapons that the characters could use. The second thing I liked was that you could visit so many planets in the game. And the third thing was that I never found myself in the position that I didn't know what to do next. I think that considering it came on two DD/DS discs its impressive how much they'd squeezed into the game. The libraries were you can read about the game world also adds to the depth of the game.

The Bad
The controls were a bit sluggish sometimes and in fire fights the aim of the party could be catastrophic. And bad color choices in the inventory made it sometimes impossible to see some texts (I was playing on a color TV).

The Bottom Line
A great sci-fi RPG that kept me occupied for 6 months and even though it was released in 1991 its still worth playing.

Atari ST · by Tomas Pettersson (31847) · 2011



  • Computer Gaming World
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #4 Worst Game of All Time


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