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Spider-Man is the first 3D game to star the popular web-slinger. It is loosely based on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Spider-Man Unlimited and features some of the voice cast from each and similar character designs.

Peter Parker is attending a demonstration of the reformed Dr. Otto Octavius's new invention when an imposter Spider-Man steals the device. Spider-Man must work to clear his name and uncover the sinister motives behind the device's theft.

This game features appearances not only by most major Spider-Man characters, but cameos by numerous other characters from the Marvel Universe, such as the Human Torch, Punisher, Daredevil and Captain America.

Spider-Man's webs are greatly emphasized. He can use them both for navigational purposes, like swinging or ziplining, and for offensive and defensive combat, such as tying up a villain, coating his fists with web for extra oomph, or building a protective shield. His web supply is limited though and he must find new cartridges or risk running out. The wall-crawling powers are also prominently features. Spider-Man can cling to any wall or ceiling. This is used for basic environmental navigation and for stealth as there are many sequences where you crawl over the heads of unsuspecting thugs, or drop down and catch them off-guard.

Combat is based around Spider-Man's ability to jump, kick, punch and web. By combining these with direction and in various combinations, Spider-Man is able to throw objects such as furniture, hurl web balls, yank enemies into melee range and follow up with a flurry of hits, among other things. There are a number of boss-battles as well, all of which are puzzle-based.

Missions vary from the fairly common fight-your way-to-the-goal or find-the-key-that-unlocks-the-door types to races to catch some or evade them or just trying to avoid the police.

There are several side goals in addition to the main mission including multiple unlockable Spider-Man costumes and numerous hidden comic book covers to find.


  • ספיידרמן - Hebrew spelling
  • 蜘蛛侠 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 77% (based on 51 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 96 ratings with 10 reviews)

Still holds up after 20 years

The Good
The perfect introduction of Spider-Man to the new millennium. The game shows that this was made by Spider-Man fans with its story, writing and solid performances. Plus, Stan Lee is the narrator! How cool is that? Graphics wise, it is an improvement over the limitations of the original Neversoft PlayStation version (Black Cat's derriere <3).

The Bad
Controls and camera take some time getting used to. And there are the occasional glitches in 2 levels of the game.

The Bottom Line
One of the finest superhero games of the twenty first century.

Windows · by Hrvoje Grahovac (2) · 2020

Best Spider-man game to date!

The Good
The graphics are great and the movie viewers are excellent. The gameplay is so simple, that you don't need to read the manual. The AI is good and sounds are incredible. With over 4 diffrent uses for web, diffrent kinds of web, over 5 diffrent enemies, a slew of super villians like venom and carnage, you can't go wrong.

The Bad

The Bottom Line
Buy it. I don't care if you hate Spider-man. Buy it. You will be hard pressed to find a better action\adventure game for the playstation.

PlayStation · by James Kirk (150) · 2003

Too easy, too short.

The Good
The graphics for Spider-Man are surprisingly good, though lacking detail it still looks alright! The game also runs quite smooth for the most part. All the classic characters are here, Doc Oc, Venom, Carnage, just to name a few. Peter boy also has a couple of cool moves he can perform... i had no idea until i read the manual. There's also some very, very cool extras in the game like the comic collection, different costumes and story boards. The replay value however is high since different costumes can make the game harder/easier depending on which you choose.

The Bad
The controls grrr no mouse support. i'm so use to using the mouse in my games and this one is all keyboard. The camera angles, what a pain in the ass. It takes time to get use to it, i kept running into the damn walls. And lining up a jump..OY! You have the perfect path in your sites, you take a few steps back but this involves turning around which changes the camera position, you can't walk backwards... i'm not use to that. Must be the FPS addiction i got goin' on. Screenshots, typically what i do is hit the print screen key (with the printer OFF) and then paste it into photoshop later for some editing. Not with this one, the print screen key approach doesn't work, though there are other ways this is just the easiest for me. The voices for the game are so, so. What annoyed me most was when i wanted to explore the area, Spidey pipes up and says "i should follow my spidey compass" fine, shut up! keep exploring and he pipes up with "news flash! i need to follow my spidey compass blah blah blah" arrogant little shit. LOL Worst of all the game was too easy and just too short, i beat it with such little effort.

The Bottom Line
Certainly not a bad game at all, the game is good and the extra stuff makes this a must have for any Spider-Man fan!

Windows · by MrSuperGod (54) · 2004

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After unlocking the storyboards, if you look at the last one, you can see that the Lizard was meant to be in the final cutscene.


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