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Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

[ PlayStation 2 ] [ PSP ]

PSP credits (2009)

528 People (497 developers, 31 thanks)

High Impact Games

Lead Environment Artist
Lead Code Monkey
Art Director / Principal
Destroyer of Worlds
Yeoman Designer
Project Manager
Zombie Formerly Known as Coder42Q
Lead Character Artist
Sr. Character Animator
Character Animators
Environment Artists
Lead Game Designer
Effects Artist
HUD/Multimedia Artist
Sound Designer
Sr. Engineer (The Enforcer)
Lead Systems Programmer
Lead Engine Programmer
Financial Controller
Gameplay Programmers
Engine Coder
Lead Animator
"Criminal Mastermind, Reasonable Rates"
Design Director
Assistant Project Manager
Digital MacGyver
The Man Behind the Curtain
8-bit Computer Programmer
Skinny Coder
Audio Director
Character Artist
Director of Core Technologies
Sr. Character Artist
Punishment Wave! Coordinator
Phat Lead Tester
Dirty Tester
The Dread Tester Roberts

High Impact Games Special Thanks

Texture Artists
Concept Artists
Administrative Assistant
Full Metal Coder
Industry Hack
Code Commando
Co-Presidents / Naughty Dog Inc.
Original Design & Story / Naughty Dog Inc.
Scripts / Big Red Button Ent.
Concept Arts / Big Red Button Ent.

Voice Talent

Jak, Ghost Pirate
Skyheed, Castaway, Pirate Radio Dispatcher
Ruskin, Barter, Ace Pirate
Phoenix, Lieutenant, Shady Pirate, Aeropan Male Citizen
Precursor Idol, Dark Daxter, Pirate Male
Computer, Aeropan Female, Pirate Female

Sony Computer Entertainment SCE Worldwide Studios

President, Worldwide Studios

SCE Worldwide Studios America

Vice President, Worldwide Studios America
Sr. Director, Product Development Studio
Director, Product Development
Sr. Producer
Assistant Producer
Sr. Staff Technical Project Manager
Sr. Technical Project Managers
Software Planning Manager
Production Coordinator

Tools, Technology and Services Group

VP, Technology and CTO
Director of Service Groups

Music Department

Director of Music
Sr. Music Manager
Music Manager
Associate Music Supervisor
Music Editors
Music Producer
Manager, Music and Licensing
Sr. Music Licensing Coordinator
Music Department Coordinator
Music Intern
Original Music by


Sr. Manager, Sound Group
Dialog Manager
Associate Project Manager

Visual Arts Services Group

Sr. Manager, Visual Arts Services Group
Art Development Manager
Lead Lighter / Compositor
Lighter / Compositor
FX Supervisor
FX Artist
Animation Manager
Animation Supervisor
Project Manager, Animation
Supervisor, Pipeline and Tools
Sr. Motion Capture Specialist
Sr. Software Engineer
Associate Software Engineer
Business System Analyst
Production Technical Assistant
Sr. Administrator


Senior Manager, Multimedia Group
Video Post Production Manager
Video Production Supervisor
Video Production Specialist
Production Coordinator

PD Services Group Support

Project Manager
Production Accountant

SCE Worldwide Studios Europe

International Software Director
Sr. Producer
Associate Producer
Project Asset Coordinator

Voice Talent [2]


SCE Worldwide Studios Japan

Associate Producer
Vice President, ISD
Audio Localization
Audio Localization Managers
Design Group
Voice Talent

Voice Recording

Recording Direction
Recording Coordination
Recording Engineer
Voice Over Editorial



SCE Worldwide Studio Asia

Executive Producer
[Traditional Chinese] Producer
[Traditional Chinese] Localization Coordinators
[Korean] Producer
[Korean] Assistant Producer
[Korean] Localization Coordinator

SCE Worldwide Studio Global Platform

Vice President, Global Platform

First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA)

Sr. Director, First Party Quality Assurance
Director, First Party Quality Assurance

Test Operations

Sr. Manager, Test Operations
QA Test Supervisors
Lead Quality Assurance Testers
Sr. Quality Assurance Tester
Lab Technician
Contingent Game Test Analysts
QA Test Manager, Network and TRC Test Teams
Quality Assurance Testers, Network Test Team
Quality Assurance Testers, TRC Test Team
Contingent Game Test Analysts, TRC Test Team

Support Services Group

Sr. Manager, Support Services
Manager, Release Management
Manager, Support Services
Release Managers
Associate DevSuite Web Admin

First Party Quality Assurance Europe

Director of First Party Quality Assurance Europe
First Party Quality Assurance Coordinator

Planning and Release

Planning and Release Supervisor
Planning and Release Coordinator

Test Operations [2]

Test Manager
Localisation Test Manager
Functional Testing Supervisor
Functional Testing Lead
Functional Testing Assistant Lead
Functional Testers
TRC Testing Supervisor
TRC Testing Lead
TRC Testers
(External) Localisation Testing Supervisor
(External) Localisation Testing Assistant Supervisor
(Internal) Localisation Testing Supervisor
Localisation Testing Lead
Localisation Testers
Network Testing Supervisor
Network Testers
Contract Staff Coordinators

Support Services

Support Services Manager
Support Services Lead Coordinator
Support Services Coordinator
Lead QA Technician
QA Technicians

First Party Quality Assurance Japan

FPQA Manager
FPQA Testers

First Party Quality Assurance Asia

QA Manager
Internal QA Lead
Internal QA Testers

Sony Computer Entertainment America Marketing

Vice President, Product Marketing
Director, Software Product Marketing
Product Marketing Manager
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
Director Product Publicity
Public Relations Manager
Sr. Public Relations Specialist
Sr. Software Specialist
Social Media Manager
Sr. Social Media Specialist
Sr. Director, Mktg Alliances & Activation
Sr. Manager, Consumer Events
Director, Channel Marketing, Creative Services & Events
Sr. Manager, Channel Marketing
Channel Marketing Managers
Sr. Channel Marketing Specialist
Sr. Manager, Events Marketing
Sr. Event Planners
Creative Services
Video Assets Manager
Sr. Director, PlayStation Network
Director, PlayStation Network Operations
Director, Web Strategy & Services
Director, PlayStation Home
Sr. Manager, PlayStation Store
Sr. Manager, Content Operations
Loyalty Program Manager
Manager, Project Management
Manager, PSN Operations
Manager, Content Operations
Associate Project Manager, Content Operation
Specialists, Content Operations
Web Producer
Sr. Web Project Manager
Associate Project Manager (Official Game Site)
Associate Web Program Specialist
Web Specialist
Sr. Specialist, PlayStation Store
PlayStation Network Asset Manager
Sr. Corporate Council
Sr. Paralegals

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Marketing

European Marketing Director
European Software Marketing Manager
European Product Manager
European Head of PR
European Senior PR Manager
European PR Manager
European Release Manager
European Graphic Designer
European Copywriter
European Online Marketing
European Special Thanks
  • All our translators and the VO studios used!

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Marketing

Package Design
Manual Design
Manual Text
First Party Promotion
Sales Planning
Japan Special Thanks

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia Marketing

Design Coordinator
Graphic Designers
Marketing Manager
Software Marketing
Public Relations
Asia Special Thanks
  • Asia Soft Inc.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

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