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Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos

aka: Galaxy Commander: Edge of Chaos, I-War 2, Independence War II: Edge Of Chaos
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Average score: 82% (based on 26 ratings)

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Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings with 2 reviews)

A unique experience.

The Good
This has to be the best space sim I have ever played. The story is completely absorbing, with lots of interesting characters to meet and help. I always felt a part of the story; there were no inconsistencies that reminded me that I was just playing a game. The plot is exciting; you always feel motivated to continue and surmount the immediate barrier in order to see what happens next.

The graphics are excellent. Colors are vibrant, and everything from the ship models to the planets to the game interface feels like it "belongs" in the universe. I especially liked the seamless flight between systems. There's no apparent loading between sectors, and flying through nebulae was probably one of the most startling and unique experiences I've had in a game.

The Newtonian physics and detailed flight systems make combat feel very realistic and tactical. The ship controls take a lot of practice to master. You don't simply point and shoot. You really feel like you're juggling a number of different subsystems and crew members. And, trying out the different ships to see which is the best is a blast.

Missions are challenging and take a lot of planning. They never feel repetitive or contrived or like "filler". The story is also tightly integrated into each mission, making the game very immersive. Missions will feature the occasional twist where objectives suddenly change and become something unexpected.

The Bad
The only complaint I can think of is that some of the later missions were too tough, resulting in me not being able to complete the game. But, this is probably due to the fact that I was playing with a gamepad instead of a real joystick. I will definitely replay the game and try to complete the final missions once I get a real joystick.

The Bottom Line
This game is very polished. From the graphics to the combat to the story, everything is top-notch.

Windows · by SharkD (425) · 2008

Hard but rewarding space pirate sim ... how greedy are you?

The Good
Edge of Chaos is a beautifully presented game, with a superb 3D seamless universe supported by an excellent an innovative interface. You don't realise how greedy you are until you begin hanging around space ports with the intention of stealing cargo - "hmmm... I can see four escorts around that tug, but there's 16 cargo pods! sure I can take them down" - these are almost always famous last words.

The Bad
Compounding the fact that the missions are extremely difficult, there are extremely long load times and you can't save without travelling back to your base! This game became very frustrating, and I really really wanted to like it more but the loading times are a royal pain in the posterior.

The Bottom Line
Combining the best space simulation on offer with a greed based piracy system and gorgeous visuals ... it's just a pity the loading times are so long.

Windows · by phill joyce (2) · 2002

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